15 Of My Favourite Feelings… Inspired by Hank Green!


I’ve been completely binge watching VlogBrothers videos recently because, why not?

On the 29th May 2015 Hank posted a video in which he talked about 15 of his favourite feelings, I watched, enjoyed, and then decided I couldn’t think of 15 feelings that I liked… or could I?

I figured I’d blog about it and see if I could come up with 15 of MY favourite feelings so that’s what I’m doing here!

Before you read my list though watch Hank’s video because he inspired this post so it’s only right that you see his video first! 🙂


So here’s my 15 favourite feelings… maybe.

  1. That feeling when you get acknowledged for your success no matter how big or small it is.
  2. That feeling when you do something good for somebody who deserves it.
  3. That feeling when somebody just knows or ‘gets it’.
  4. That feeling when you see that one person who means more to you in the world than anybody else.
  5. That feeling when karma happens to bad people.
  6. That feeling when you’re really sad and somebody hugs you.
  7. That feeling of relief when annoying people go away / shut up.
  8. That feeling when you take your heels off at the end of a long day or night.
  9. That feeling when you can’t figure something out and you work hard on it for ages and then you suddenly understand.
  10. That feeling when you’ve worked something really difficult out by yourself and got it right.
  11. That feeling you get when you’re stood in a crowd of people who are all there because you all love that band or you all believe in the same cause.
  12. That feeling when you don’t fit in but you’re okay with it.
  13. That feeling when you get into bed after a really busy day.
  14. That feeling when a stranger does something nice for you.
  15. That feeling when you hear your favourite song and it’s just like YES!

I’m not going to lie it took me about 4 hours to write that list, I think like Hank said in his video I was almost embarrassed to share it because I felt like I was bragging because these are my feelings and I like them.

It was a strange experience writing that list, I mean you wouldn’t think writing about feelings would be hard especially not positive ones but it was… I feel very exposed now and I’m not really sure why!

I definitely had a lot of fun thinking of these feelings though…

I feel like I need to point out that this blog post wasn’t sponsored by my feelings because I’m sure someone, somewhere is wondering because you can’t like things in blog posts without it being sponsored by something apparently. Also goes without saying that neither my feelings nor this blog post were sponsored by Hank or the VlogBrothers either haha.

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Since the VlogBrothers inspired this blog post here’s some of their links too (all clickable).

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Their Charity – Foundation To Decrease Worldsuck.

Thanks for reading! 

And remember DFTBA! – Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

Charlotte xo