I Wish He Knew – Poem

Last week I published my first poem in over a year called Haunted which you can read by clicking here.

I talked in another post that I put up last week about why I haven’t written for so long and how I use poetry to stitch myself back together, you can read that post by clicking here.

Not all of my poems have a meaning, although I find them all very therapeutic to write. I’ve not been able to stop writing poetry since I opened the flood gates last week, here’s another that I’ve written called “I Wish He Knew”

I’m scared that he’ll never know
When it comes to be my time to go
Just what it is that he means to me
We never know when our time will be
And he may never get to learn
How much for him my heart does yearn
In me the fires of love burn brightly
And his not knowing plagues me nightly
If I should die before I wake
Aphrodite please for heaven’s sake
Show him, tell him, make him see
How deeply in love I appear to be.


Thanks for reading!

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Charlotte xo