5 More Songs That Mean Stuff To Me – Throwback Thursday!


I recently created a Spotify playlist called “Songs That Mean Stuff.” I know, it’s such an amazing name for a playlist…

For a few weeks now I’ve been picking 5 songs from the playlist and random and telling you why they mean so much to me…

Today I’m going to be picking another 5 and giving you the reasons behind why they’re so special to me!


    1. Rod Stewart – I’ll Be Seeing You – This song makes me smile so much, just before my friend moved to Australia we went for a walk along the water front in Liverpool and we sat on a bench by The Albert Dock and he sang this to me and it was just so lame and it made me want to vomit a little bit but it makes me smile so much whenever I hear this song.


    1. Celine Dion – I’m Alive – My little sister will probably HATE me for sharing this story with the internet so I won’t tell you which sister BUT when she was little about 3 or 4 she had an OBSESSION with the Celine Dion album A New Day Has Come. She always used to scream and shout until it was put on and then she’d demand that this song was repeated OVER AND OVER. She used to sing along in that cute way that kids sing along to songs but it was even cuter because she was French and the song was in English and ah it was just so cute! Every time I hear this song now I remember my little sister and laugh.


    1. Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good – This song reminds me of my Dad so much. I remember the first time he played it to me when I was little, he sang it all the way through but he sang the chorus really loudly like every word meant something to him. It just makes me smile, plus this is such a brilliant song!


  1. Edith Piaf – Milord – I once dressed as Edith Piaf and sang this at a house party with a load of my friends. When I’d finished I was secretly really impressed with myself that I’d nailed all the words. Don’t ask me why this happened, I don’t honestly know…



  1. Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing Version) – This song is here because every time I hear this song it makes me laugh and smile and any song that can do that time and time again deserves a place in my ‘Songs That Mean Stuff.’ Playlist!

There you go! 5 more songs from my playlist and the reasons why they mean so much to me!

Tell me about some of the songs that mean a lot to you and why in the comments below, on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm or on any of my other social media sites which you can find by clicking here!

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Charlotte xo