900 Years

I was out walking this morning around a stunning Wiltshire village looking at houses when I happened upon a beautiful old church, it dates back to the twelfth century, the gravestones around it were so old they were no longer readable and the remnants of the exterior gargoyles were just as terrifyingly hideous to look at as I imagine they always were, they bore a striking resemblance to my ex actually, I didn’t realise I’d been dating a model!

The church doors were open but there was nobody inside, I ventured in and sat for a moment marvelling at the intricate detail of the stonework, the perfectly formed arches that ran down either side of the building with the pews that have lived through so many years of events and wore their age so perfectly, oh how I wished they could talk.

It is no longer used as a church, in fact I gather that apart from being open to look around it has no use at all and that’s terribly sad. To think that such an ornate church that was crafted so beautifully 900 or so years ago now stands empty after all of that hard work as well as surviving so much history fills me with all sorts of emotion.

It makes me wonder, 900 years from now, what will remain of all of the hard work we are ploughing in to Lilypaddle, all of our personal projects and the same for you all with your personal projects and legacies as well. Will the internet become a wasteland  of businesses of old, with nobody home, just empty shells to look around that silently echo history or will it all just disappear in to oblivion?

It has certainly made me think, how incredible though for the people who constructed the magnificent church 900 or so years ago that their work, although now disused, still stands proudly in the heart of the village for all to see and admire.

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