A Change Is As Good As A Rest?


So as I mentioned in my last post I’m going to be making a few changes to the blog.

This is post is just to tell you all about the changes that I’m going to be making to the posting schedule and just a few other changes / improvements I’m going to be making too!

So in regards to the posting schedule everything will remain the same except for Tekkit Tuesday which I’m going to be dropping in exchange for a different topic that I’ll be telling you more about on Tuesday.

If you’ve been enjoying Tekkit Tuesday don’t worry too much I’ll still be doing Tekkit posts, it’s just not going to be a weekly thing, it’s going to be more as and when.

I realised once I’d started that series that I didn’t actually have as much time as I thought to put into getting enough done in Tekkit to make weekly posts about it, so I feel it’s better to drop the series than put out substandard posts.

I’m going to be making a few more changes too!

I think the biggest change is that I’m going to be a LOT more active on social media, I’m lazy as hell when it comes to social media and I admit that, I’m not using it to its full potential and I think it’s time I changed that.

As well as using social media more, I’m also going to be using new platforms, I’ve created a Tumblr page and I know some of you know this already but I’ve started using Google+ as another way to help me not only promote my work but also to help me connect with you guys in a different way too!

The Tumblr page is AndThenCharlotteSaid.Tumblr.com and my Google+ page is plus.google.com/+CharlotteEmilySaid

That’s all of the changes I’m making for now, I have a few more plans for other things too but until I’m ready to put those plans in to action I’m going to hold off on announcing them!
All of the changes I’ve mentioned are going to be taking place from midnight tonight (22nd February 2015)

Thank you all for your continued support, I love you all millions!

I’ll be revealing what my new Tuesday series is this coming Tuesday so make sure you come back to see what it is but before that there will of course be a Music Monday post tomorrow and OH it’s a good one!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo