A Sort Of Confused Love / Breakup Poem.


So I mentioned in my post earlier on today that I was going to be posting poetry all week this week.

This poem is one I wrote about 5 years ago now, I was in a really weird place after a pretty bad relationship / breakup and just wrote this.

It’s not the best poem I’ve ever written and I freely admit that, but what I like about this poem is that when I read it I can instantly remember what it felt like to write it.

You know that post breakup confusion of where do I go now?! What do I do?! I obviously don’t feel that confusion anymore I’m very happy now but I think breakups are always a really confusing time and I feel like this poem really captures that.

ALTHOUGH I may just think that it captures it because I know what the poem is about, I’d love to hear your interpretations!

Anyway here’s a poem that I actually titled…

What Should I Call This One?

Mixing it up throwing out words
Starting again back at the end
What do I do when I go nowhere
What do I say when you aren’t there
Where should I be when I’m in the wrong place
What do I do when I can’t see your face
Confusion sets in so deep I can’t breathe
Feeling so sick I physically heave
Starting again back at the end
Maybe I have finally gone round the bend 


Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo