Charlotte Emily Murray is a creative writer originally from Cheshire, England, now residing in the breath-taking countryside having lived for a while in France.

On the 27th April 2007, aged just 15, Charlotte started a blog as a way to express her feelings about her life’s emotions and teenage struggles. Now, so many years on, the content and location of the blog has changed many times, yet Charlotte’s loyal readership has always remained.

Drawing inspiration from what is around her has led Charlotte to write openly and honestly about all manner of things, from her Grandfather’s ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s to her own personal battle with depression, as well as some of the lighter things in life such as her love of music, literature and travelling.

As well as creative writing Charlotte now runs a Multi-Media Production Company, collaborating with people from across the creative world to produce high quality content for people including Richard Digance, Eric Sedge, Tom Leary, all respected British folk musicians and author Lana Treat, to name just a few.

Her new major project, The Proper Charlie Podcast is produced, via a digital recording studio, to a standard rarely heard in that field.