AC/DC – Highway To Hell – Music Monday #14


Welcome to the 14th post in my Music Monday series! If you’re not sure what Music Monday is then please feel free to click here to read the post that explains what Music Monday is all about!

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The album I picked at random today from my collection is A3 which means it’s time to take a trip down the Highway To Hell because This Girls Got Rhythm so don’t go Beating Around The Bush because you’ll get Shot Down In Flames just Get It Hot because If You Want Blood You’ve Got It you Night Prowler!


Haha 7/10 songs from the album in that paragraph but if you’ve still not got it the album we’re going to be talking about today is AC/DC’s Highway To Hell!



Oh god I’m not even sorry about how much I LOVE THIS ALBUM!

AC/DC are classed as an Australian Rock Band because they live in Australia and started out in Australia as well but I’m claiming them as ours because Malcolm and Angus Young were born in Scotland as was Bon Scott! Brian Johnson is a Geordie + other band members Cliff Williams, Chris Slade and now Stevie Young who has replaced Malcolm were also all born in England! So I’m sorry Australia but AC/DC are a BRITISH rock band!

I absolutely love AC/DC, I was fortunate enough to see them in 2010 at Download and I am forever indebted to Andy Copping for that because it was INCREDIBLE! I mean, they were pretentious brats who insisted on having their own stage, wouldn’t allow their logo on the Download Line Up shirts and said they played ‘Donnington Park’ not ‘Download Festival’ but I think when you get to their level of talent and success it’s okay to be a brat because I mean they’re AC/DC and they can!

AC/DC were formed in 1973 by Malcolm and Angus Young and have gone through a number of line-up changes over the years if you want the full details you can find them on the AC/DC Wikipedia page here, I know it’s lazy but I just feel that they’ll make this post too long if I include them all in here.

The line-up for the Highway To Hell album was as follows:

Bon Scott – Lead Vocals

Angus Young – Lead Guitar

Malcolm Young – Rhythm Guitar

Cliff Williams – Bass Guitar

Phil Rudd – Drums

Bon Scott died 7 Months after the album’s release and was replaced by Brian Johnson who is still with the band to this day.

Malcolm Young left the band in 2014 due to him now suffering with Dementia, read my post about Malcolm’s Dementia here. Malcolm has been replaced by his Nephew Stevie Young.

Phil Rudd – well the least said about him the better I think.

Highway To Hell was AC/DC’s 5th internationally released album, it was recorded at The Roundhouse Studios in Chalk Farm London. It was the first album of AC/DC’s to break into the US Top 100 reaching #17, it’s the second highest selling AC/DC album (after Back In Black) and it’s generally considered one of the greatest Hard Rock albums ever made!

Let’s take a look at this legendary track list shall we?

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Side One:

  • Highway To Hell
  • Girls Got Rhythm
  • Walk All Over You
  • Touch Too Much
  • Beating Around The Bush

Side Two:

  • Shot Down In Flames
  • Get It Hot
  • If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
  • Love Hungry Man
  • Night Prowler

This is normally the part where I’d list my favourite tracks from the album but I can’t do that today because I LOVE THEM ALL. I’ve honestly listened to this album 3 times in a row now trying to decide which tracks I love best but I just can’t pick, I love them all!

I highly recommend EVERYBODY goes and listens to this album right now whether you’ve heard it before it or not just go and put it on right now, turn the volume to max and ENJOY.

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