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This post is the latest edition of Music Monday, a series in which I give you an exclusive look into my ever growing record collection!

Every Monday I pick a record from my collection completely at random and then I write about it! In today’s post the album I’m going to be talking about is AC/DC – Let There Be Rock!

I’ve probably made this declaration a million times on my blog over the years but AC/DC truly were one of my absolute favourite bands, ever!

I’ve already done one Music Monday post about AC/DC and their album Highway To Hell so if you’d like to read that I’ll put a link at the bottom of this post!

This album is available on Spotify so I’ll put a player here so that you can listen along whilst you read the rest of this post!

Let There Be Rock was the 3rd internationally released studio album by AC/DC. It was originally released in March 1977 on Atlantic Records. All of the songs of this album were written by Angus Young (lead guitar) Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar) and Bon Scott (original lead singer).

I used to admire the family vibe that AC/DC had, no matter which formation of the band you saw live or listened to on albums there was just a family atmosphere that was so great! When I say this I am referring to the Bon Scott days, the Brian Johnson days and the post Malcolm pre Axl Rose days. I do not and will not ever consider Axl Rose to be any part of AC/DC. 

The reason I mention the family vibe is because this album was produced by George Young and Harry Vanda. George Young is the elder brother of Angus and Malcolm Young!

I think 2016 showed that there is considerably less family atmosphere than we’ve always been shown, this was highlighted by the disgraceful treatment of Brian Johnson.

 I’m so done with AC/DC now, I will always love their back catalogue and I will cherish the memories of seeing them live, but I’m done. I won’t be seeing them live again nor will I be buying anything else that the AC/DC cash cow produces.

I know that I’m just one person and AC/DC couldn’t care any less about me not supporting them going forward but even so I mean what I say. I’m done, and if you’ve been  a fan of my blog since before 2016 then you’ll know what a huge thing it is for me to be saying that.

I know, it’s 2017 and you’re thinking Charlotte get over it, it happened last year but I haven’t had  an excuse to discuss this yet and pulling this album at random from my collection today gave me that chance to have my say!

Let’s get back to this post though,  AC/DC have gone through a number of line up and personnel changes over the year, the personnel for this album was:

Malcolm Young – Guitar

Angus Young – Guitar

Bon Scott – Vocals

Phil Rudd – Drums

Mark Evans – Bass

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This album is often said to be the first ‘true’ AC/DC album which in a way I think is true because it is the first album that I think has that full AC/DC sound that the second it starts playing YOU KNOW it’s an AC/DC album!

Let’s take a look at the track list!

Side One:

  • Go Down
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Bad Boy Boogie

Side Two:

  • Overdose
  • Crabsody In Blue
  • Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
  • Whole Lotta Rosie

My favourite song on this album is without a doubt ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’, it’s a fantastic song and I love the story behind it as well! So legend has it that Rosie was an obese Tasmanian woman that singer Bon Scott had a one night stand with in a motel in Melbourne.

Rosie has become such a huge part of the AC/DC live show with them playing in front of an inflatable Rosie in pretty much every show!

In a twisted way I always admired Rosie, she was just a one night stand with a rock star that was so good he wrote a song about her that went on to be one of the best songs EVER. Way to go Rosie!

AC/DC-Let-There-be-rock, Music-Monday, And-Then-Charlotte-Said, Music-Blog
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I think it’s a testament to the talent of AC/DC that this album was recorded in one take over a period of two weeks, there are some great stories out there about this album and the way it was recorded.

One of my favourite stories after the story of Rosie is that whilst recording guitars for the title track Let There Be Rock, Angus Young’s amp started smoking and had sparks coming off it and George Young, Angus’ brother just kept shouting at him to carry on playing because he was playing so good and so on form that he didn’t want anything to interrupt the recording, not even an exploding amp, talk about dedication…

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