And All Will Turn To Silver Glass

On Thursday June 7th, 2018, at 6:10pm my life as I knew it changed forever.

It’s the most curious thing. I want to write and tell you all about it but I can’t, I try to, but the words just won’t leave my body. I suppose I don’t want to admit that it’s happening, but oh god do I know that it’s happening, I was there when it happened.

‘I was there when it happened and so I think I ought to know’ – Johnny Cash

It’s a strange feeling when something that has been a constant in your life for all of your life isn’t a constant anymore, it isn’t anything more than a memory now. Even though you knew the inevitability of the situation and at the end the certainty of what was to come, when it arrives it still manages to knock you off your feet as though you never knew of its impending arrival.

I feel very odd at the moment, I’m incredibly sad and I feel a tremendous sense of loss but also an overwhelming gratitude for all that came before. I feel as though I am starting a whole new chapter of my life, it’s a scary, sad and yet empowering feeling. I’m ready for whatever comes next in my life but for now I mourn what has passed.

And all will turn

To silver glass

A light on the water

Grey ships pass

Into the West


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