Ask Charlotte – Top 10 Most Asked Questions!

Before I make my big announcement I just wanted to take a second to answer the top ten questions that I’ve been asked a lot over the last few weeks!

Let’s get straight too it!

Are you changing the posting schedule with the re-launch?

I’m making slight modifications but nothing too drastic.

I announced a few weeks ago that I was going to be doing a book / reading related post every Tuesday and I never actually started that because I had to take some time off so I’ll be starting that now.

I’ll be doing Throwback Thursday posts now every Thursday, it could be music related, past blog posts, books, films or maybe even some personal memories!

I’ll also be making slight changes to the proposed ‘fitness Friday’ posts, it’s not just going to be about fitness anymore it’ll be all about other aspects of my life too so things like my anxiety / depression, Grandad’s Alzheimer’s and a few other things as well as health and fitness. Hopefully you all like the changes!


When will you post a new Tekkit post?

Next Thursday! – 7th May 2015! J

What more have you done in Tekkit?

I completely demolished my house and rebuilt it, made some new machines and some other really awesome stuff too! J

Do you take requests for Music Monday?

I don’t sorry, I have over 400 records and I don’t currently have a list of them all typed up for people to choose from, maybe one day though! Click here to read my post explaining about Music Monday and how it works.

Will you review my album?

Maybe, drop me an email with more information and I’ll think about it. Email:

Please note that if you tweet me several times a day asking me to retweet a link to your album the only thing I’ll do is block you.

Will you promote my stuff?

If you’ve got something that you want me to help you promote then by all means send me an email and we’ll talk. Email:

HOWEVER… I won’t promote your blog unless it’s about a cause that matters to me. I’ve worked hard for 8 years to get where I am today, I never asked anybody to promote my blog or whatever I just got on and did things myself. I don’t see why I should give out fast passes now…

It sounds harsh but I get over 500 emails PER DAY from people asking me to promote their blogs, half of which have really poor content that they’ve not even bothered to spell check or put any effort into whatsoever. I’m not going to support you on your quest to be the next Zoella / Alfie, make an effort and maybe we’ll talk.

ALSO… as I said in the last question, if you tweet me several times a day asking me to retweet your stuff all I’m going to do is block you.


What festivals are you going to this year?

I’m not currently going to any festivals… I wish I was going to Glastonbury this year the line-up is fantastic and I’m thinking about going to Creamfields because the line-up is awesome this year (a certain other festival could take a few notes… the 90’s are over kid, move on!)

Who are you listening to right now?

Right at this very moment in time I’m listening to my Aerosmith playlist on Spotify. Currently playing Dream On.

Are you doing any meet ups this summer?

Yes! But I don’t have any exact details yet… I’ll let you know when I know! J

How’s your depression / anxiety at the moment?

It’s okay at the moment. I’m really happy for so many reasons! J I’ve had a lot of positive things to focus on lately and it’s been really nice, if you check back later for my big life changing announcement you’ll see what the main source of my happiness is right now!

There you go! 10 of the most asked questions from the last few weeks!

Got any more questions? Leave them in the comments below, ask me on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm or get in touch on one of my other social media pages which you can find by clicking here!

Thank you so much for all of your questions and for taking the time to read this post!

Check back in a little bit to find out what my life changing announcement is! J

Charlotte xo