Bedtime Ramblings #4


I’m going to keep today’s bedtime ramblings post really short because it’s late and I’m super tired.

I’ve had one of those days where it literally feels like I’ve not stopped all day!

I love it though, I thrive off being busy, it’s weird but I actually prefer being busy to having nothing to do.

I’m full of ideas for future posts at the moment and that’s such a nice feeling because I’ve been struggling a bit lately and that’s not a nice feeling…

I’m also really excited because I’m going to see Death Cab For Cutie in Manchester in a few weeks and I can’t wait! I was supposed to be going to a few other shows in November too but I’m not sure if they’re for definite or not yet…

Marilyn Manson is in Manchester on November 23rd and I really want to go and see him, last time I saw him he was a pile of crap and I’d like to overwrite that memory with a better one because apparently now that he’s clean or unclean whichever is the opposite to what he was last time I saw him he’s gone back to being awesome live again.

He’s looking good again though I know that, I saw some press pictures of him and he’s definitely still hot, not as hot as he used to be but I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

So I really want to go and see him and SLAYUUUUUUUUUUUUR are back in Manchester on the 24th November too with Anthrax!


Lamb of God are playing in the Manchester Academy on November 12th with Children of Bodom!

So basically, Manchester Academy has completely hit it out of the park for November and I really am doing my best to attend every single one of those shows because WHY NOT?

So many amazing bands are retiring now and I just feel like I need to go and see EVERYONE I love whenever I can in case they retire too.

Motley Crue are retiring, so are Black Sabbath and I just feel like it won’t be long until others follow too and then what?!

It’s sad. People getting old sucks so much.

I can’t stop singing The Beautiful People, The Beautiful Peopleeeeeeeee,

On that note I think it’s time I went to bed!

See you tomorrow!


Charlotte xo