BONUS POST: My Sister Sabrina’s Favourite Songs!


This is an extra bonus post for today from my 11 year old sister Sabrina!

These are 7 of her favourite songs and the reasons behind why they’re her favourite!

We’ve made a playlist with all of the songs in, I’ll put the playlist here so that you can listen along whilst you read the rest of the post! Enjoy!

I don’t have anything else to add so here’s Sabrina!

Hi I’m Sabrina, I’m Charlotte’s littlest sister and these are my favourite songs at the moment!

Let Her Go – Passenger: This song reminds me of when I come to England, I always think of this song when the plane takes off!

Cette année là –  Claude François: this song reminds me of New Year’s Eve, with my family in France, I call England 0(at 00h00 pm, French hour) but in England its 11h pm!
Cheerleader – OMI: I used to sing it a lot with my cousins, so it reminds me of lots of good things!

She Wolf – Sia: This song does not remind me of a lot of things, I just like it 🙂

Stay With Me – Sam Smith: This song is lovely!!! It reminds me of my black and white cat Winnie! When we go on holidays, it looks like if SHE is singing it! (crazy!!!)

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars: This song is a song that me and my cousins sing a lot!

Sugar – Maroon5: This song reminds me of when Grandma makes a cup of tea! I love sing this song, and it makes me laugh! 😀 

                                     🙂 Sabrina xx

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