Book Off Purists! My Thoughts On Kindle vs Actual Books…


So I’m not sure if you saw last Tuesday’s book related post but if you didn’t it was about the chaos that is my Kindle, I explained how I have over 1000 books on there and no organisation whatsoever.. The post talks about a few other things too, click here to read it if you want I promise it’s more interesting than that description makes it sound!

ANYWAY, I got into an awful lot of trouble because of that post, I appear to have offended a lot of book purists because the majority of my books are Kindle books and not ‘real’ books!
Today I thought I’d address that issue and talk about the age old debate of Kindle vs Actual Books!

Let me start off by saying I do own a lot of actual books, they’re scattered on bookshelves around the house so I’m not going to insert a picture but rest assured I do own actual books not just Kindle books.

I do honestly prefer using my Kindle though, I mean what’s not to love about the fact I can carry over 1000 books with me everywhere I go without needing a bag like Hermione’s?

But apart from that I have a few practical reasons for preferring to read from a Kindle than an actual book too.

The first and most important being that I have terrible eyesight even when wearing glasses because of the degenerative condition I have, so being able to adjust the font size to one that’s more comfortable for me to read is amazing.

The second is that my Kindle fits into 99% of my bags which means I can just pull it out whenever I’m bored or waiting for something or someone and start reading, I’d need a suitcase to carry a book like Tolstoy’s War & Peace around with me for those situations!

The third reason is that if I do forget to take my Kindle out with me I can carry on reading from where I left off using the Kindle App on my phone. It means I’m never without books and I love that!

The only thing I miss when reading my kindle is the smell of books. But the lack of book smell is the only difference between reading on a Kindle and reading an actual book in my opinion!

At the end of the day I don’t think it really matters how you read as long as you read. I feel like reading is a dying art, the question “what book are you reading?” has been replaced by “what series are you watching on Netflix?” and that’s such a shame because I genuinely believe that books feed your brain, they feed your imagination and they’re just truly wonderful things.

My final point for preferring my Kindle to actual books is this… Where the heck would I keep 1000 actual books? Have you seen my shoe collection? There’s no room for 1000 books too! 😛

Haha so there you have it, that’s why I prefer reading on my Kindle to actual books, I’d love to hear your thoughts on which you prefer?

I’d just like to point out that I’m not sponsored by Amazon, I’ve had my Kindle for over 5 years now it’s a Kindle 2 and it was a gift from my Grandparents and frankly it was the best gift I’ve ever been given!

That’s all I have to say for today thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, if you enjoyed please feel free to share it with your family and friends and of course come back next Tuesday for another book related blog post!

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Thanks again for reading, have a great day!

Charlotte xo