Broken Heart Restored – Poem – Flashback Friday #2

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This post is the second post from my Flashback Friday series! Flashback Friday is a series in which I share with a you a post from my blog archives every Friday!

I’ve been blogging since 27th April 2007 so I think it’s fair to say I have A LOT of posts in my archives. I moved from Blogger to WordPress in 2013 and for now, for convenience, I’m going to be sharing posts from my WordPress archives, but eventually I will go through my old hard drives and pull out all of the Blogger archives too!

The post that I’m going to be re-sharing with you all today is a post that I originally published on January 22nd 2013.

The post was called ‘Broken Heart Restored – Poem.’

To date the original version of this post has 89,000 views!

From this point on will be the original version of the post in it’s entirety, the only thing I’ve modified is that I’ve made the photo that was already included smaller and I’ve added another photo, and updated the tags.


So I recently had my first poem published in an Anthology which is available in stores.

The anthology is called Aspects Of Love – Edited By Donna Samworth

I’m really excited that this has been published as it’s a great lead up to my anthology that I hope to release later on this year.

And-Then-Charlotte-Said..., Broken-Heart-Restored, Love-Poem
© Charlotte Emily Murray

The poem that was published in the anthology is one of my favorite ones that I’ve written so I thought I’d share it with you all today.

The poem is called Broken Heart Restored.

Laughing, Loving, Living.
you were always giving.
Only once did you take,
you took my heart and made it break.

For weeks after i did weep,
The future seemed so very bleak
Until a better love came along
one that can be found in many a song.

I’ve been in love with it before,
and now my faith it does restore.
No matter where i may be,
It’ll always be right with me.

It makes me laugh it makes me cry
never leaves me asking why.
Forever faithful it shall be.
Always together music and me.


 And-Then-Charlotte-Said..., Broken-Heart-Restored, Love-Poem

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I mentioned in this blog post that I was hoping to release an anthology later that year, that anthology never came to fruition because life got in the way but I am now working on another anthology which I hope will be published by the end of this year! When I have a date I’ll give you an exact date! 

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