Building My Own Village!

Originally Published 29th July 2015


I felt like geeking out a bit today so I thought I’d tell you about the NPC village I just started building on our Tekkit server!

I’ve tried trading on Tekkit before and it hasn’t worked and I’m not sure why so I’m building my own NPC village so I can try it out again and hopefully figure out what I’m doing wrong.

We don’t have a village anywhere near us because we’re on a really awesome island and I don’t want to go to other islands and look for one because I hate when you have to trek for ages to trade, it’s just not worth it.

Jim controls our server and refuses to let me use creative for ANYTHING so I am building my village entirely from scratch, he will be spawning in some villager eggs for me though once it’s finished so I can have villagers.

I realise that trading isn’t all that special and you can do a lot more awesome things in Tekkit and actually I’m not 100% sure trading is even possible in Tekkit but I felt like chilling and building the village because I got a bit machined out.

I don’t really have anything else to say about my village I’ll show you what I’ve done so far and I’ll keep you updated as I add more to it! 🙂











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