Butterflies and Feathers

Butterflies swoop, Butterflies fall
And as I look I think of you all
Butterflies swoop, Butterflies fall
And I think of you all today


This morning as I sat working in the office that used to be my Grandfather’s carpentry shed a butterfly flew in and landed on the window-ledge where it has remained with me all day so far. It took flight around the office a few times including past the open door that led back to the garden, but it didn’t leave, it has just sat on my window-ledge with me.

I am a big believer in butterflies as well as other things such as white feathers and pennies being signs from those that have passed over and I couldn’t help but wonder if the little butterfly was a sign from my Grandad, especially as it appeared in his carpentry shed which is now my office when I’m visiting my family.


The butterfly reminded me of a beautiful song by Emily Smith called ‘Butterfly’ from her brilliant 2010 album Traiveller’s Joy. I absolutely love this album and I thought I’d share it all with you today. The whole album has such an authentic traditional folk sound to it, it’s so delightfully lovely to listen to and I encourage you all to give it a listen whether you have already or not.

‘Butterfly’ is a beautiful song from the album, but there is also a wonderful cover of Richard Thompson’s song ‘Waltzing For Dreamers’ but as I said the whole album is splendid and it is what my beautiful butterfly and I have been listening to all morning, care to join us?

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