Can You Hear Me Major Tom?!


I’m so sorry for the complete radio silence lately there’s been a few tech problems and sickness and ugh I don’t even want to talk about it all because it’s just not very interesting.

I guess I always knew there’d be teething problems when I started out as self-employed I mean the course of true love never did run smooth but yeah this has been a tough few weeks for me to get through, but I made it, no major harm done!

Don’t get me wrong though I’ve not just been sitting around hoping things would get better, I’ve been working flat out to have the problems resolved and I’ve also been working on some really awesome projects!

I have a giveaway which I’ll be announcing on Saturday and I think this is the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done and I’m really excited about it and I know you all will be too!

I’ve also been talking to lots of awesome people whilst I’ve been away I have quite a few interviews in the pipeline and it’s all just SO exciting!

So I just wanted to put a quick post up explaining that I’m back now!

I’d also just like to take a second to thank the Techs that have worked so hard over the last few weeks to fix my blog I really appreciate it!

I also really appreciate the patience from you guys, I love you all millions and I’m so grateful that you all stuck around and waited for me.

I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll be back on to my regular posting schedule!

Thanks again for all of the love, support and patience you guys are honestly the best!

Take care, have a great rest of your day / night and I’ll be back tomorrow with another post!

Charlotte xo