Career Before Life or Life Before Career?

Originally Published 3rd August 2015


I recently announced that I was bringing back the Book of Questions series in which I answer questions from the 1987 and 2013 Book of Questions by Gregory Stock PH.D! If you’d like to find out more about this series or catch up on posts from the series that you’ve missed then please click here!

In this post I’m going to be answering question 14 from the 1987 Book of Questions!

The question is…

Would you rather be extremely successful professionally and have a tolerable and unexciting private life, or have an extremely exciting happy private life and only a tolerable and uninspiring professional life?

So basically this question is asking do I want to be successful or do I want to be happy.

If I really had to choose I’d chose to be extremely successful professionally because by choosing this I could provide a really nice life for the people in my tolerable yet unexciting personal life.

Given my chosen profession (blogging) and the opportunities available to me professionally I think I’d still have a really exciting life if I was extremely successful professionally!

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