Chaotic Kindle – The Tale Of 1000 Books!


I mentioned in my blog post “All I Know Now – Carrie Hope Fletcher + Other Book Related Ramblings…” the other day that I’m currently reading 6 books, this seemed to confuse a lot of people so today I thought I’d write about the chaos that is my Kindle!

I’ve had my Kindle for about 5 years now, it’s one of the first models (Kindle 2) and I love it! People always tell me I should upgrade and get a newer one but what’s the point? This one works and I love it.

My Kindle is honestly one of my best friends, wherever I go it goes too, it’s there no matter what and I love it.

My kindle is absolute chaos though. In the 5 years that I’ve had it I’ve acquired just over 1000 books (1002 to be precise). I don’t know what half of the books on my kindle are and I question whether or not I’ll ever get round to reading them all…

I browse the kindle store at least once a week, I love looking at all of the free books you can get! But that’s my downfall, I look at them think they sound interesting and then before you know it I’ve downloaded another 20 books…

I don’t just download free books from the kindle store though I do buy an awful lot of books as well before you all start giving me hell for not supporting the book industry… but the free books are my weakness.

My Kindle is some people’s absolute nightmare, I have all of these books and no system for organising them except for alphabetically by author name which my Kindle does automatically.

In some ways my Kindle reflects my life, I mean my life is pretty unorganised and chaotic at times too…

So that’s how I end up reading 6 or more books at any one time, I buy a book and start reading it straight away regardless of whether or not I’ve got other books on the go already… I have no self-discipline!

I’m used to it and I’m actually incredibly good at remembering what is happening in each story and can pick up where I left it pretty easily except for that one time I was waiting for Harry to take The Ring to Alaska…

Ha! Totally joking of course…

I remember when I was growing up my Great Uncle Jack (Nan’s Brother) had books all over his house, there was easily 1000 actual books in there, probably more though. I know they filled a big van with books after he died.

Anyway he always had lots of books on the go at once too, there’d be books everywhere that were open on pages or with bookmarks hanging out halfway through and he could just pick any one of them up and carry on reading it like he hadn’t started reading 5 other books since the last time he put that book down.

I was really close to my Uncle Jack so maybe I’ve picked up my chaotic reading skills from him… But whatever the reasons behind the chaos I should probably get organised and stick to reading one book at a time.

I say probably because I know that I should but I also know that it won’t happen!

I would like to organise my kindle a bit better though so that I at least know what all of the books I have are… if any of you have any tips on the best way to organise a Kindle I’d love to hear them because I honestly have no idea where to even start…

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Once again thanks for reading, have a great day!

Charlotte xo