Christmas Cracker Haul! – Blogmas Day 10!


Welcome to Blogmas Day 10!

So I told you all in Blogmas Day 7 about the amount of crackers that my Nan had bought for my littlest sister to pull at the party we had.. if you haven’t read that post then please click here to do so!

There was something crazy like 40 crackers in total and I thought today I’d do a little cracker haul for you all and show you the super fantastic prizes that I won! 🙂


The first thing I won was this super tiny deck of cards, very handy for dropping into bags or pockets for when you get bored at family parties this festive season!

image2 (1)

The next thing I won was these super stylish cuff links that came complete with there own clear bag so you can display them in your home when you’re not wearing them.. So fetch!

image5 (2)

Next I won this 25” tape measure because I mean who wants to measure anything over 25” right that’s just not stylish at all..


Then I won this super stylish and attractive phone book, it’s super tiny so you can put it in your pocket and use it to write everybody’s numbers down! On a night out? Don’t want to put the creeps number in your phone but want him to leave you alone? Put it in this super tiny phonebook instead! It’s perfect!


I won this paper clip next, it’s plastic so you can’t put too much in it because it’ll snap and that’d suck but that’s okay because I mean who wants a fat paper clip anyway, ew.


Finally I won a bag of marbles, this Is just the perfect thing to win, I mean who doesn’t want to play with a bag of balls, right?


I also got a load of super sexy crowns too because you know I’m a massive princess so I should have a crown.. I got 2 greens, a yellow one, a pink one and a blue one!


And the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard..

Q: What Kind Of Cough Medicine Does Dracula Take?

A: Coffin Medicine

Q: What Do You Call A Crate Of Ducks?

A: A Box Of Quackers

Q: Why Did The Golfer Wear Two Pairs Of Trousers?

A: Incase He Got A Hole In One

Q: What Do You Call A Man With A Paper Bag On His Head?

A: Russell

Sooo yeah that’s my Christmas Cracker haul! Send me pictures of your best cracker prizes and or your best jokes on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm or in the comments below!

Merry Christmas, I love you all! xo