Diana Ross & The Supremes – Greatest Hits – Music Monday #18

Welcome to the latest edition of Music Monday, a series in which I give you an exclusive look into my ever growing record collection!

Every Monday I pick a record from my collection completely at random and then I write about it! In today’s post the album I’m going to be talking about is Diana Ross & The Supremes – Greatest Hits!

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This album as you may have guessed is a collection of Greatest Hits by Diana Ross & The Supremes! It was released in 1967 and features 16 of their greatest songs. This was the first album released by the group under the new billing ‘Diana Ross & The Supremes’ they’d previously just been ‘The Supremes’ and it was their second number 1 album, going on to sell around 6,000,000 copies worldwide.

Florence Ballard can be heard on this album singing as part of the Supremes and she can also be seen on the album cover as well but by the time this album was released Ballard had actually been sacked from The Supremes. It’s unclear why she was sacked as there are many different stories about it all saying something slightly different but she died a few years later after battling depression, alcoholism and drug abuse.

I suppose that there must be some people out there who have never heard of Diana Ross & The Supremes so I suppose I’d better explain… Diana Ross & The Supremes also known as The Primettes and just The Supremes were a Motown, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, pop group who were Motown Records biggest hit throughout the 1960’s.

The group was founded by Diana Ross, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson & Betty McGlown in 1959 under the name ‘The Primettes’ they were supposed to be sister act to The Primes (later known as The Temptations). They were together for a year before Betty McGlown left the band to be replaced by Barbara Martin and the band were signed to Motown and changed their name to The Supremes.

The Supremes had a lot of mainstream commercial success throughout the 1960s and a lot of The Supremes success was attributed to Diana Ross the lead singer and so in 1967 Berry Gordon (Motown’s President) renamed the group Diana Ross & The Supremes.

In true lead singer syndrome style Diana Ross left the group in 1970 to pursue a solo career, the group went through a large number of line-up changes after that before completely disbanding in 1970.

Now there’s something weird about this album, with every album I write about I naturally do a lot of research into it first otherwise why bother? But when I look this album up online it’s listed everywhere as a double album but mine isn’t a double album it’s a single album, it’s definitely the same album though because the album sleeve matches the pictures and the dates all add up as well! If anyone else has this album I’d be interested to hear whether yours is a single or double album!

Let’s take a look at this track list of this mysteriously single album!

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Side 1:

  1. Stop! In The Name Of Love
  2. Nothing But Heartaches
  3. When The Lovelight Starts Shining Thru His Eyes
  4. My World Is Empty Without You
  5. Where Did Our Love Go
  6. Love Is Like An itching In My Heart
  7. Come See About Me
  8. I Hear A Symphony

Side 2:

  1. Reflections
  2. Back In My Arms Again
  3. You Keep Me Hanging On
  4. Whisper You Love Me Boy
  5. The Happening
  6. Love Is Hear And Now You’re Gone
  7. You Can’t Hurry Love
  8. Baby Love

This is the part of the post I’ve been dreading, having to pick my favourite songs off this album! They’re all fantastic that’s why this is a greatest hits album!

If I had to pick though my favourite track off Side 1 is Stop! In The Name Of Love and my favourite track on Side 2 is Reflections! This is a genuinely great album to sing into your hair brush too, it’s fun, sassy and it’s just full of everything you’d expect from a Diana Ross & The Supremes greatest hits!

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