Ella Fitzgerald – The Incomparable – Music Monday #7


Oh my goodness I’m so excited about this week’s Music Monday post! I picked an absolute stellar record out of my collection and I’m so excited to tell you about it!

For those that don’t know I have a box full of tickets and each ticket corresponds to one of my many hundreds of records, each week I pick a ticket at random and tell you about which ever record I pick, it’s a fun way to tell you all about my record collection and it’s also a fun thing for me to blog about!


The ticket I picked this week was F6 which is Ella Fitzgerald – The Incomparable Ella Fitzgerald! I feel like I say this every week but this is one of my absolute favorite albums ever!


I adore Ella Fitzgerald, she has one of the most incredible voices that has graced this earth.

Ella had quite an interesting start to her career, according to the back of this album sleeve back in the early 1930’s her and 3 friends drew straws to decide which one of them would enter a talent show at The Apollo Theatre in New York, Ella drew the lucky straw, originally she was going to perform as a dancer but she decided to sing at the last minute and thank god for that, a world without Ella’s music would be a terribly sad place.

Ella won the talent competition obviously, she won a $25 prize and also and more importantly she met band leader Benny Carter who “just so happened” to be in the theatre that night, he went on to introduce her to Chick Webb.

Chick Webb recruited Ella who at the time was only 16 to his orchestra to be a singer. It was with Chick Webb that Ella recorded her first records. In 1938 she had her first hit with “A Tisket A Tasket” a Jazz adaptation of the nursery rhyme.

Chick died in 1939 and Ella kept the orchestra going until America’s entry into World War Two meant that she lost most of her best musicians to US Forces.

Ella continued as a soloist for some years performing in various supper clubs before joining up with the touring Jazz At The Philharmonic package. It was through JATP that she became friends with producer Norman Granz who played a very important part in her career.

Norman Granz gave her a recording contract as soon as she was finished with JATP. He featured her as a Jazz singer with numbers such as “Lady Be Good” & “Stompin’ At The Savoy” he also gave her the opportunity to record albums of Broadway and Hollywood show tunes by the greatest American song writers.

Now to quote directly from the sleeve “On this album you will hear the unique Ella Fitzgerald interpretations of music by Richard Rodgers, George Gershwin, Cole Porter etc. The blend is memorable and Ella provides yardsticks against which we can measure the efforts of lesser singers, for, as the late Bing Crosby said Man, Woman or Child, Ella Fitzgerald is the greatest.

So the album is called The Incomparable, it was released in 1980 and there’s not much more I need to say about really that description summed it up perfectly. However I should tell you because I know there are some of you that go looking for the albums I mention on Spotify, there’s an album of the same name on Spotify, it’s Ella Fitzgerald but it’s not the same album I have here, it’s still fantastic and worth a listen though!

Anyway let’s take a look at the track list.

Side 1:

  • The Lady Is A Tramp (Rodgers & Hart)
  • Manhattan (Rodgers & Hart)
  • The Very Thought Of You (Ray Noble)
  • From This Moment On (Cole Porter)
  • A Foggy Day In London Town (George & Ira Gershwin)
  • With A Song In My Heart (Rodgers & Hart)
  • Cheek To Cheek (Irving Berlin)
  • I’ve Got A Crush On You (George & Ira Gershwin)

Side 2:

  • I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Cole Porter)
  • Night & Day (Cole Porter)
  • Every Time We Say Goodbye (Cole Porter)
  • It’s Only A Paper Moon (Arlen, Horburg, Rose)
  • I Get A Kick Out Of You (Cole Porter)
  • I Got Rhythm (George & Ira Gershwin)
  • My Funny Valentine (Rodgers & Hart)
  • That Old Black Magic (Alen Mercer)


There’s so many songs on that list that I’m sure you’ll recognise, Sinatra did them, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble and so many more as well!

I have a few favourites on this album, Ella Fitzgerald’s version on The Lady Is A Tramp is my all-time favourite version of that song! I also love I’ve Got A Crush On You, Every Time We Say Goodbye and It’s Only A Paper Moon.

I’m convinced that Ella could make any song sound like the most perfect dream you’ve ever had. I can’t think of anyone alive today that even comes close to Ella Fitzgerald talent wise. I wish I could’ve been around when Ella was around. I know I was alive when she died but she died five days before my 5th Birthday so I hadn’t even started my musical journey with Ella then.

I think I’ve possibly talked for too long now so I’ll wrap this post up now, comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and tell me what your favourite Ella Fitzgerald song is!

Thanks for reading!

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