General Life Update!

Originally Published 14th August 2015


I’ve been a full time blogger for just under 4 months now and everyone seems quite keen to see how I’m finding it and what I’ve got planned for the future so I thought that today I’d give you a bit of an update on that and just generally have a bit of a ramble!

Firstly let me start by saying that I’m still really happy, deciding to become a full time blogger was definitely the best decision I could’ve ever made!

It’s been a struggle at times and there’s been a fair few technical faults and other things that have gotten in the way of me running my blog smoothly but I feel like that’s a relatively normal thing to experience when you’re attempting to transform something that was just a hobby into your job and ultimately into a functioning business.

I feel like I’m getting there now though, everything is getting back on track and it’s just all falling nicely into place.

I’m quite impressed with myself as well because as I write this it’s the 13th August 2015 and I’m already planning ahead to my Christmas posts and getting things organised and ready.

It’s been a shock to my system having to keep my blog so organised, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that my blog generally functions in a pretty unorganised way so having to get it all organised and doing a lot of forward planning has been a shock but I’m loving it!

I have so many exciting things planned for the next few months and hopefully beyond so I can’t wait to share all of those posts with you!

This is probably a strange statement to make but I definitely feel like I’ve grown and changed as a person since I became a full time blogger in April, it’s hard to explain why but I feel different, I feel better and I just feel really content with life.

I don’t really have much else to add to this post, I’m happy, that’s it.

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Charlotte xo