Glass Hearts In The Devon Waves

Written 10/02/2018

Today we are in Devon, Richard and Eric are playing tonight at a beautiful place called The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington, Devon after driving from Great Yarmouth last night.

I absolutely love this Arts Centre, it is my first time here and I am completely blown away by how charming and lovely it all is. In fact, the whole of the village / town of Torrington, Devon where the venue is based is so delightful, very quintessentially British and having only been here for no longer than two hours I am so enamoured with the place I could actually move here immediately and be so very happy.

The Arts Centre houses work by local artists and creative folk, and I have so enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful pieces of art and crafts they have here. I purchased two stunning stained glass hearts made by a local artist called Heather McNeilly / I wanted to tell you all about her because there were so many beautiful pieces that she had made and had I have had the space to accommodate them all then I would’ve purchased the lot, honestly, she’s an incredibly talented woman and her pieces are delightful.

There was also an art exhibition in the gallery at the Arts Centre, it featured art by an artist called Duncan Hopkins /, I didn’t take any photos of his work because I don’t believe in doing that but he is well worth checking out because I have genuinely never seen anybody paint water with such intricate, breath taking detail, I had to triple check I wasn’t looking at a photograph, there were some truly amazing pieces.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon spent looking at all the beautiful works of art and crafts here at The Plough Arts Centre, I also had the best Thai Green Curry I ever had here as well so all round a completely perfect day!

This is one of the last shows of Richard and Eric’s that I will be at for a while now as I have a lot of exciting adventures of my own to embark on, including some travelling around to work with some of the other talented creators we have in our Creative Catalogue at Lilypaddle! I’ll also be heading off on a self-organised writing retreat to focus on my own creative works which is something I am very much looking forward to doing. Don’t worry though, I’ll be taking you all with me wherever I go!

As one adventure ends, another begins…

I certainly hope though whilst I’m travelling around I don’t encounter any kind of road rage inducing things…

If you would like to see Richard and Eric on tour at all this year then you can find a full list of their tour dates here, I’m completely biased but it is a fantastic show and I highly recommend it!

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