Golden Hour, North Wales.

Written 12/02/2018

As I write this I find myself watching the sun set over the rolling hills of North Wales, what a wonderful week this has been; Cornwall, Suffolk, Norfolk, Devon, of course my beloved Wiltshire and now the charming hills of North Wales hold my attention. How blessed I am to have such a wonderful job as this that allows me the freedom to travel wherever I choose whenever I choose.

I don’t for one second take any of this for granted, my love made a fantastic point the other day, we could just as easily have been born a pheasant or another poor creature that must spend its life fighting for survival both against nature and humans as well. Equally I acknowledge that I could have been born in to another part of the world that wouldn’t have allowed me the luxuries I have and that I grew up with that afforded me the chance to work as hard as I have, to get to where I now am.

There but for the grace of the universe go I.

I think it is incredibly important at times to sit and reflect upon how fortunate we truly are also how different things really could have been. I have been guilty in the past of taking things, especially my incredible job, completely for granted, for not working as hard as I could have, throwing away the opportunities that the universe was presenting me with and just not enjoying any of it even though I was and still am in a position that so many would give everything to have.

I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that, but sadly it is true. I put that down to the depression I was battling, the distorted world view that gave me and my own general youthful ignorance. I am pleased to say though that it is no longer true, not a single moment passes by that I don’t appreciate in one way or another.

I was even bizarrely grateful for the moment the other day in which I broke my toe, I felt it was a real reminder to stay grounded, not always have my head in the clouds and pay attention to what lays ahead… It also taught me how much I take my feet for granted, how lovely it was to walk without pain for so many years, never again when it is returned to me shall I ignore that bliss!

I realise that I am waffling somewhat, but I just feel so free, happy, joyous, elated, after years of darkness that is a wonderful feeling to constantly feel and sitting here in the golden hour of the day watching the sun dip behind the rolling hills of North Wales the happiness overwhelms me. 

I wish and hope that you all feel the same amount of happiness as I feel in this perfect moment.


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