Harper Lee – Go Set A Watchman – Book Review

Originally Published 28th July 2015

This post has been overly requested and that’s partly my fault because I was so excited when it was first announced that Harper Lee was going to release another book.

But I’m afraid if you’ve come here to read a review of Go Set A Watchman the new release from Harper Lee then you’re going to be sorely disappointed because I sent the book back without reading it.

I was excited, I pre-ordered it, and I talked about it all over my social media sites, blogged the hell out of it and drove my friends insane talking about how excited I was to read it.

But then all of the controversy started over whether or not the book should have been published and I’m not going to get into all of that here because I think at this stage everyone is sick of hearing the same crap being churned out by everyone but if you have been living under a rock for a while now you can definitely find all of the information on Google.

There was still part of me that was excited for the book though so I didn’t cancel my order, I never thought I’d see another Harper Lee book published and I love To Kill A Mockingbird so this really was a HUGE deal to me to have another Harper Lee book in existence, to be able to read another book that THE Harper Lee had written.

But then the book arrived, I couldn’t even bring myself to open it, it all felt so wrong. I don’t think that Harper Lee intended for this book to be published, if she did then she would have done so years ago.

I don’t want to read something that she didn’t intend for anyone to see, it’s just not right. I put that book straight back in the box, sealed it up and sent it back.

And that is why you won’t be getting a review of Go Set A Watchman from me.

Charlotte xo