Haunted – Poem

It’s been a painfully long time since I’ve written any poetry, despite numerous requests off you all to post some new poetry I haven’t been able to until now because I simply wasn’t able to write any.

I had something I had to work through first, something that was like a brick on the end of my pen just stopping me from releasing the words.

I had to find a way to smash that brick, I did and here we are. I’m a little rusty but the words are here and there’s more to come, I don’t seem to be able to stop them now!

So without further delay here’s the first poem I’ve written in over a year!

It’s called Haunted.


There’s a gaping hole in my heart

Please make it go away

A part of me went with him

The day he passed away

I can’t forget though I may try

With just regret I sit and cry

Should’ve, Could’ve, never tried

Feelings I worked so hard to hide

Words I couldn’t even say

Now will haunt me til my dying day.


Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo

PS I apologise for the hideous spacing between the lines of the poem, that’s not how it looks in the post uploader, that’s just how it’s decided it wishes to look once it’s published.. what can I say the words have a mind of their own! 

6 thoughts on “Haunted – Poem

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 I actually have some more poems up on my blog already that you can find a link to on the side of the screen on computers and at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices if you’re interested :)xo

  1. Ask yourself and, try to weigh out your plus, or minus. What made you hesitate? Did you choose another? Damm, I may know the honest truth about it. That World, or City you live in, maybe Controlled by, a living Sin.

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