Hello, Sweetie.


Hello Everyone!

I’m pinning this post to the top of my blog for a few days so if you’re looking for my new posts they’re either underneath this or on the righthand side of your screen depending on which device you’re reading this on!

In this post I just want to have a little bit of a catch up with you all because it’s been a while since I last posted…

This has been such an insanely busy time for me, I’m working on quite a few different writing projects none of which I can really say all that much about right now but they have all been taking up so much of my time that apart from the occasional live stream I haven’t really been able to sit and chat to you all!


It’s now less than a week until my interview with Richard Digance, I can’t believe how quickly that has come around! Thank you so much to everybody who sent in questions for that, I think at the time of writing this I now have almost 10,000 questions which is amazing!

I’m going to be documenting the whole of my trip on my Snapchat (@MissCharlotteEm) and Instagram Story (@AndThenCharlotteSaid) so make sure you’re following me on one of those so that you can see all of the behind the scenes adventures!

A few other announcement type things to talk about too…

The first is that I have started re-uploading my poetry to Poem Hunter (check it out here) and to celebrate this on my Instagram I am going to be sharing one of my favourite poems from poets all around the world each day using screenshots from the beautiful Poem Hunter app! So again, make sure you’re following me on Instagram so that you don’t miss out on that! (@AndThenCharlotteSaid).

The next announcement is also Instagram related, I’m restarting my Happiness Challenge in which I take a photo each day and talk about why I’m happy, I’ve written one for each day of April so far although I haven’t yet posted any so you’ll have them to look forward to this week as well as a poem for each day of April too!


Now let’s talk about K…

The response to my new poetry collection “K.” has been incredible and I am honestly so overwhelmed by it all. I still have a lot more poems to share from the collection but I am going to take two weeks off from posting the series because I’ve decided I want to rework some of the upcoming poems a little bit more. So, for the next few weeks on Wednesdays I’ll just be sharing poems from my archives instead!

I really can’t thank you all enough for the amazing response to K though, it takes a lot to lay a part of me out there like that for you all to see and at times it was almost painful to write so to have it received so well is just the best feeling.




The last thing I want to mention is that I’m going to be firing my Twitter back up from next week…

Because I’ve been so busy writing for all of the projects I am working on my social media has been sorely neglected, but from next week I promise that I’m going to start using it all a lot more again and getting stuck into it all once more!

I’m also bringing back the “daily jam” sessions I used to do in which for a few hours each day I’d tweet out the songs I was listening to so you could all listen along too!



Still to this day one of the questions I get asked the most is either what are you listening to or what do you listen to whilst you work, so I’m going to start sharing that with you all again! And for those of you that don’t have Twitter I’ll also be posting them in blog posts too so you can see as well!


I really am sorry that I’ve neglected you guys so much lately, but I promise that it’ll be worth it when you can see and maybe even hear (spoilers) the projects I’m working on!



I have a bunch of blog posts for you all to read this week to so look out for those!

I hope that you’re all having a really great April and if you aren’t then I really hope that things improve for you! Keep your chin up, it does get better!

Thank you so much for reading, 

Take Care,

Charlotte xo


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