Home Comforts At Grandma’s House

Written 15/02/2018

Today is a bizarre yet wonderful day, I find myself at my Grandmother’s house on The Wirral getting ready to go and see Richard and Eric perform at The Hungry Horse Folk Club in Ellesmere Port, Wirral.

It is almost a year to the day since that fateful night in Birkenhead, Wirral, when I met Richard and Eric as well for the first time and my life changed forever, I have written about that night and the year that followed recently so rather than repeat myself if you click here you can read my post all about it. 

It is so strange to be back on the Wirral preparing to see him again, under completely different circumstances this time, it’s really reminding me just how much has changed in only a year, it feels as though it has been a lot longer than that.

It’s funny isn’t it, as much as we think we might know what lays ahead for us, we have no idea and if we’re open to it the universe can make it so that it is so far beyond our wildest dreams.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am? Because I really, REALLY am so very lucky.

It is so nice to be back in a family home as well, even if it is only for a short time, enjoying all the home comforts, biscuits and cake that come with that… does anyone else’s Grandmother appear to have shares in Mr Kipling or is it just mine? Is that something they give you when you become a Grandmother? A lifetime supply of cake, biscuits and chocolate? I’d love to know, but like many great things that is Grandma’s Secret!

Here is a documentary that we recently uploaded to Richard’s YouTube channel, the documentary is called Fatty and it is all about Fatty Arbuckle, but I rather fear that if I spend too long here eating cakes and biscuits the title may come to refer to a documentary about me!

It really is a fantastic mini musical documentary, the one about Fatty Arbuckle I mean not about me eating all the cakes, if you have a spare 15 minutes it is well worth a listen!

Don’t forget as well that you can see Richard and Eric on tour all across the country this year, for a full list of tour dates then please click here.


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