House Tour! – Tekkit Tuesday #1


This is the first ‘official’ post of my Tekkit Tuesday posts, if this is the first Tekkit post of mine you’re reading then please click here to learn a little bit more about why it is that I’ve decided to do these posts!

Today I thought I’d show you my house because it seemed like a good place to start these posts with!

Before I do that though I guess I should tell you what Tekkit is if you don’t know! Putting it really simply, Tekkit is a Minecraft modpack that makes Minecraft twice as awesome as normal, it lets you build machines, and a whole host of other brilliant things that just make it super fun!

I’m currently playing on a server with Jim and I have been for a few weeks now, I’m really enjoying it! Normally when I play by myself I flip between Creative Mode and Survival Mode depending on what I’m doing but Jim made the server survival only so I can’t cheat.. I didn’t like it at first, “UGH I’ve actually got to mine things in order to build???” but now I actually think it’s more fun because in a way it’s more rewarding!

So here’s my house, I built it from Marble & Glass so it was really inexpensive to build, our mine (which I’ll show you in another post) is absolutely full of marble! It took me about 5 hours in total from start to finish to complete it that includes mining for bricks & making glass. Although really it’s not completely finished I’m still figuring out what to do with the rooms and I’m still working on my farm and the surrounding area.

I don’t really know why I built such an obnoxiously big house.. I like it though! Let’s look at some pictures!


Front of my house


Back of my house




Entrance hall




I have two rooms off my entrance hall where I keep my pets! On one side I have my cat and on the other side I have my 3 wolves! (you couldn’t see all three in this picture so I took another picture of them too!)



This is the room at the top of the first ladder, you can go out onto the roof from here which I like to do of a night and fight mobs!



This is the room at the top of the second ladder, I got a bit crazy with the book cases but I’m going to use them with an enchantment table eventually!


This is the next floor up!


From this window you can see a glimpse of Jim’s quarry (the orange thing) When I’ve found enough diamonds to make a quarry I’m going to build one on one of the sand dunes you can see!



And then this is my bedroom. This is going to sound really daft but I built my bedroom high up because I actually really like the Minecraft Sunsets / Sunrises, not as much as I like real ones but I do like them!




I also have a basement which is where I’ve built all of my machines and that’s also how I get through to the mine we built.

None of the machines were particularly expensive to build so I’ll do a post on what I’ve got and I’ll include the recipes too if you’d like!

I think that’s about it for this post, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Charlotte xo