I’ll Love You Always. – K. – Part One

And-Then-Charlotte-Said..., K., Love-Poetry, Romantic-Poetry, Death-Poetry,
© Charlotte Emily Murray

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Hello Everyone!

This post is the first instalment of my new poetry series “K.”

Why is it called K? Maybe it’s his initial, maybe it’s the last thing he ever said to me, maybe it’s both, maybe it’s neither.

Part One is called I’ll Love You Always.

It hurts to even write your name,
The thought of you brings deathly pain
I love you now, I loved you then
I’ll love you always and again
And yet distance is what I chose
To part you from your northern rose
Together forever to forever apart
I’ll keep you always in my heart
For I love you now,
I loved you then,
I’ll love you always, and again.

And-Then-Charlotte-Said..., K-Part-One, I'll-Love-You-Always

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Thank you for reading
Charlotte xo