I’m Obsessed With Food!

Originally Published 23rd July 2015


The other day I announced that I was bringing back the Book of Questions series in which I answer questions from the 1987 and 2013 Book of Questions by Gregory Stock PH.D! If you’d like to find out more about this series or catch up on posts from the series that you’ve missed then please click here!

In this post I’m going to be answering Question 3 from the 1987 Book of Questions so let’s get started!

If you had to be obsessed with money, sex, sports, religion or food, which one would you choose?

I’d definitely choose to be obsessed with food. I feel like food is the least dangerous thing on that list.

Because it doesn’t specify what type of food or in what way I’d be obsessed I would choose to be obsessed with making sure that I eat 3 healthy meals a day.

I mean I guess being obsessed with money could potentially be good if you were obsessed with using money to make the world a better place but at the same time it could be dangerous because greed is an incredibly dangerous thing especially if you have a lot of money to do greedy things with.

Being obsessed with sex would be both frustrating and exhausting.

Being obsessed with sports could lead to almost a cult like way of living, I feel the same way about religion too.

So yeah I’d definitely pick food! 

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