Inaugural Blog Post..?


I just felt like having a bit of a ramble today, I had a few post ideas that I could have finalised and uploaded but something really nice happened this afternoon and I didn’t get round to it! 

My Nan treated me to a new laptop! She got me the Acer Aspire ES1-512, it was a totally awesome present and I’m so grateful to my lovely Nan for buying it for me! 

The laptop came with Windows 8.1 on it and this is my first real time using Windows 8 so I’ve spent all afternoon playing with it, getting it all set up and getting used to it! I’ve only been using Windows 8 for a few hours but I already love it! It’s great how customisable it is, I’ve got it all set up ready to blog and promote and just have a ton of internet fun! 

Is it just me or does anybody else suddenly start to feel more productive than normal when they get a new laptop / PC or even just updated software? I just feel so ridiculously motivated to write haha.. I get like this with new notebooks too, as soon as I get a new notebook I have to start filling the pages immediately. Just me? Okay then… 

Before everyone goes calling me spoilt or whatever my Nan bought me this laptop because she wants my old one and knew that I’d still need one to work on! But whatever the reasons I’m really grateful.

 How’s your day been? What’s new with you? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and let me know!

Also if any of you have any recommendations as to what apps I should download for Windows 8 then please let me know!

 Thanks for reading! I apologise if this post wasn’t all that interesting but I felt like just having a ramble!

I love you all millions!

Charlotte xo