Interview With The Salvador Darlings!

Today I have an extra special bonus post for you all, it’s an interview I did with a band called The Salvador Darlings!

The Salvador Darlings are an Electronic Pop / Trip Hop band from London, consisting of Carine Fierobe (vocalist) and Bryan Borcherds (instrumentalist).


They’re currently working on their debut album and I don’t normally promote a band when they haven’t got much to promote but there’s something really cool about The Salvador Darlings that caught my eye and made me want to tell you about them!

They record parts of their songs in iconic locations around London to capture the sounds and spirit of the city for example part of their debut single Show World was recorded in Trafalgar Square! I think that’s awesome and it’s not something you hear of too many people doing and that’s why I wanted tell you guys about them!

I caught up with them to have a quick chat and ask them a few questions! If you’d like something to listen to whilst you read this interview then I’ll put a Spotify player here with their debut single in so that you can listen to it whilst you read the rest of the post!

Now, on with the interview!

Where did the name The Salvador Darlings come from?

It was an idea that popped into our heads when making music. The name is a bit quirky, arty, and has a beauty to it, but mostly we thought it sounded nice.

How long have you known each other? How long after you met did you form the band?

I (Carine) was new to London, I’d just moved from Paris in November last year (2014) so I was looking for a new musical project here. I saw a good advert on a website for musicians and I contacted the person to find out the kind of sound they had in mind. He sent me some instrumentals and I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere he creates and a lot of ideas for vocal melodies had come to mind, so I wanted to see who this Bryan guy was. We met each other and we instantly had a very good feeling and the same motivations and desires in music so we started to work directly together, he sent me some other melodies he had in mind, I did the same for the vocal parts and The Salvador Darlings was born!

Any funny or interesting stories about band life?

We recently recorded in Trafalgar Square at midnight on the coldest night of the year, and a security guard had no idea what we were doing and tried to get us to leave. We managed to convince him that we weren’t weirdos and needed just a few minutes to record!

Apart from the sounds of London, what inspires your sound?

Anything that moves us every day, if we can feel a soul then that’s what we like. It’s not a style or band that influences us, it could be old school hip hop or jazz or electro even classical, and it’s the groove and feeling in words and beats. When writing our own music it usually starts with a drum beat or synth line, or a vocal melody, and if we find ourselves nodding our heads to the beat then we keep on going with the song.

In 5 words or less why should people give your song “Show World” a listen?

Natural, emotion, deep dark beats.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

We have a few acoustic dates, and we are getting the full band together at the moment. We’ve mostly been in the studio for the past few months so really looking forward to getting the live show together!

Is there a release date for your album?

We’ll release an EP in 2015 and a full album in 2016. It’s great because we’ve already got some amazing fans, so we’ll release tracks exclusively to our fans first and then publically.

What can we expect from the rest of the album?

The single, Show World, is a good example of the sound and vibe you’ll get from the album. We’re making the music that we want to make, so it’s great that people are liking what we do.

What’s it like making a record in / at iconic London locations like Trafalgar Square?

The idea is that we are definitely influenced by the city we live in, London. The people, the history, the weather, so we decided to capture some of that magic on the recordings. On the tracks you’ll subtly hear recordings we’ve done at various London landmarks, like as you say Trafalgar Square, Tate Gallery, Buckingham Palace, and Camden Market. It also makes it more interesting for us, sometimes it’s good to get out of the studio and see what’s happening in the real world.

If you could play a show anywhere in the world with no limitations where would you play and why?

Shortly we will be playing what we call “The Living Room Sessions”, which is instead of playing gigs at a venue we play directly for our fans in their living rooms. That way they get to see us up close and we get to meet them. Our fans are super cool and super crazy.

If there was one venue out of them all, probably Brixton Academy in London. The atmosphere is always incredible there. Hammersmith Apollo would be a close second.


There you go! The product of my chat with The Salvador Darlings! They really are quite a unique band that seem to really love London I can’t believe that when asked if they could play a show anywhere in the world without limitation they didn’t choose somewhere like Madison Square Garden they chose The Brixton Academy or Hammersmith Apollo haha, I love that so much!

I think this is definitely a band to watch! If you’d like to find out more about how they made their debut single Show World then check out this YouTube video they made about making it!

If you’d like to buy the Show World single you can do so by clicking here. (The link will take you to the iTunes page were you can then make the purchase, you won’t be charged for clicking on the link.)

If you’d like to find out more about The Salvador Darlings then find out more about them on their Twitter: @SalvadorDarls or Facebook:

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