Introducing Health & Fitness Fridays (or some other name I’ll come up with later..)

Today I wanted to tell you about a new ‘series’ that I’m going to be starting, it’s going to be all about health and fitness related things and I know that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea and it’s quite different to what I normally blog about so today I just wanted to tell you why I’m starting it and stuff like that. If health and fitness isn’t your thing can I ask you to at least give me a chance to explain before you jump ship?

I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have muscle weakness and I have a workout routine that I was given by my physiotherapist that I’m supposed to do daily in order to strengthen my muscles..

I say ‘supposed to do’ because I don’t always have the motivation to do it daily. I’m not naturally fitness minded so it’s hard for me getting used to doing quite an intense exercise routine each day.   

I want to get motivated to do it though because I know I need to do it otherwise I’m doing myself no favours and I feel like blogging about it and ‘fessing up’ each week about how badly I’ve failed in the week will definitely motivate me to do it every day because nobody wants to publicly fail, least of all me!

There’s another reason as well though, I have issues with my weight, I’m underweight and I can’t really afford to lose any more weight without there being some pretty serious consequences. (I currently weigh 47.8KG / 7.5st / 105lbs and at 5ft8 / 172cm that gives me a BMI of just 16)

Of course you see my dilemma, I have to exercise every day to strengthen my muscles but I have to do it without losing weight, impossible.

I need to develop a healthy eating plan and stick to that as well so that I can at least maintain the weight that I’m at although ideally I need to put some weight on.

I should add that I’m not suffering from any eating disorder I know in the past I have had issues but no this low weight is just down to a high / fast metabolism.

I want to explore healthy eating and healthy lifestyle related things and I felt like it would be more fun for me to blog about it! I don’t eat unhealthily I have well balanced meals but I feel like I need to be healthier somehow to maintain my weight.

I know absolutely nothing about any of this really so I thought it’d be fun to get some health and fitness pros to do some guest posts and to kind of just go on a journey of discovery together? (yes I realise how lame that sounded..)

I don’t just want it to be all about me though, I’d like for these posts to benefit you guys in some way too so you could maybe tell me about your health and fitness journeys in the comments below or leave links to your blogs or wherever it is that you talk about it, I know that I’m not the only one out there that’s trying to get healthier and I just kind of figured we could do it together?

I know health and fitness isn’t for everybody but it’ll only be one post a week, every Friday the rest of the week will be dedicated to other types of posts.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe the sort of posts you’d like to see relating to health and fitness, tell me in the comments below or on twitter @MissCharlotteEm

Or maybe you’re a health and fitness pro and you’d like to write a guest post? Get in touch I’d love to hear from you!

I thank you all for reading this post and hey if health and fitness isn’t for you, even if it’s just one post a week and you’ve decided that you no longer want to read my blog well that’s okay, thanks for coming this far with me!

I love you all millions really I do.

Take care!

Charlotte xo

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