Jackie Collins – My Tribute.


There isn’t going to be a Music Monday post today because I really wanted to talk about Jackie Collins and the really sad news that she has died.

Jackie Collins’ novels have been my guilty pleasure for years, they’re a bit trashy but oh so fabulously fantastic at the same time and they’re something I love to read, it’s just pure escapism!

I was really sad yesterday when I heard the news that Jackie Collins had died, I don’t know what it is, but it’s like I just don’t expect people like her to die so when they do it’s a massive shock.

Jackie Collins died aged 77 after a 6 year battle with breast cancer and over the last 6 years the only people that knew were her 3 daughters, she didn’t even tell her sister Dame Joan Collins who it always seemed like she was really close to.

I get why she didn’t tell everyone though, when you have cancer and you tell people about it that’s what you become, she wouldn’t have been Jackie Collins the New York Times bestselling author who has sold over 500 million books worldwide, she would’ve been Jackie Collins who has Cancer.

When you’ve worked as hard as Jackie Collins did and had as much success as she’s had, did I mention 500 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide? You wouldn’t want something like cancer to come along and upstage that, well I wouldn’t anyway.

She was on Loose Women (a UK Daytime Chat show) about 10 days ago promoting her book The Santangelos and she looked well, she was bright and vibrant and watching that you never would have guessed that she had cancer and she was about to die!  

I’ve been a huge Jackie Collins fan for years, the first book of hers I ever read was Lucky, one book was all it took, I was hooked.

I remember in high school we had an English teacher who told us never to read a Jackie Collins novel because they weren’t ‘real books’ we were like 11 at the time, I don’t think we were Jackie’s audience anyway really haha but that comment always stuck with me for some reason, years later I stumbled across the Jackie Collins books in a bookstore and I bought Lucky and like I said from then on I was hooked. My English teacher was entirely wrong of course, I personally think that everyone should read at least one Jackie Collins novel in their lifetime.

I don’t want to turn this post into a book review or book promotion because that’s not what it is, I just wanted to express my feelings on Jackie Collins death.

I can’t believe she was 77! Both her and her sister Joan Collins look incredible for their ages! They either have incredible genes or an incredible doctor, either way though they’re both insanely beautiful!

In the Loose Women interview Jackie Collins did just before she died she said that Lucky Santangelo was her alter ego. She’s written 32 books, 7 of those books and two miniseries have been about Lucky and the Santangelo family, those 7 books are without a doubt her most popular books, everyone loves Lucky and because of that I think that Jackie Collins will always live on in the pages of her books through Lucky and of course through all of the other fabulous characters, but especially through Lucky. She may not be with us physically anymore but she’ll always be with us in the pages of her books.

That’s all I have to say really.

My thoughts go out to the family and friends of Jackie Collins and also to all of her loyal readers at this incredibly sad time.

Take Care,

Charlotte xo