Let Me Tell You About… Balearicwave!


In today’s post I wanted to tell you all about a really awesome DJ called Balearicwave!

Balearicwave is a DJ from Manchester, he’s been DJing since 1997 and he’s just awesome really! He started in his bedroom like pretty much every DJ and it just seemed to grow from there really. He’s signed with labels including Armada Music, Planet Love and Alter Ego Music to name just a few of the incredibly long list!

My favourite Balearicwave track is without a doubt Balearic Sunrise, it was released on Armada and Planet Love and it was actually the first song of his that I ever heard!

Funny story – I can’t remember how I came across the song because it was last year but I know that a few weeks later I met a friend of Balearicwave’s in Ministry of Sound and he started telling me about his friend that was a DJ and how I should interview him, I swapped Twitter @’s with the guy and told him to get in touch but to be honest I was rolling my eyes thinking “Yeah, another DJ…” I was at MoS interviewing somebody, Boom Jinx I think? And everyone seemed to be trying to get me to interview somebody that night so I was pretty over it by the time his friend approached me.

But then the next day the friend messaged me and told me his friend was Balearicwave and I remember being really excited because “THAT’S THE GUY THAT MADE BALEARIC SUNRISE!”

For whatever reason it’s taken me this long to tell you all about him but I still love his music and I really think that you guys will too!

I’m really hoping to catch up with Balearicwave soon so that I can hopefully bring you all an interview with him and just an update on what he’s up to!

In the meantime though check out his soundcloud, sit back, turn your volume right up and enjoy!

If you’d like to you can purchase Balearicwave’s songs on Beatport, click here to be redirected to his Beatport page!

I’m all for supporting lesser known DJ’s so it really would mean a lot to me if you guys would go and show his music some love!

If you’d like to you can follow Balearicwave on Twitter @Balearicwave!

Like I said it would mean a lot to me if you guys would go and show him and his music some love, I really do think his music is awesome and he’s definitely somebody to watch!

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Charlotte xo