Looking For Kinder Shores In Great Yarmouth…

Written 09/02/2018

We’re leaving the beautiful Suffolk countryside today for the bright lights of Great Yarmouth, which is apparently The Blackpool of The East. I have had a fabulous few days here in Suffolk, but I am ready now for the next… adventure?

I’ve never been to Great Yarmouth before so I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I have heard a lot of comparisons to Blackpool when people talk about it, so I am curious to see it all for myself.

We’re now at St George’s Theatre here in Great Yarmouth which is where Richard and Eric are playing tonight, it is a stunning venue that I believe used to be a church, it is certainly cold enough in here for me to believe that it was once a church!

(The picture I took of the venue isn’t loading here for some reason but here is a picture taken from Google Images.)  

St George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth. Picture: Nick Butcher Source: http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/what-s-on/weird-coastal-buoys-comedy-competition-at-st-george-s-theatre-1-4860742

In typical seaside town tradition, we had fish and chips at a local fish bar before coming to the venue, I don’t have fish and chips very often but oh my goodness did I enjoy the ones we’ve just eaten, truly delicious. Driving around Great Yarmouth it really did remind me an awful lot of Blackpool which is funny because I never imagined that a place like Blackpool could ever be replicated but alas it can.

I have met a really interesting lady here today at the theatre called Jenny, she has made a charity CD called Kinder Shores and is hosting a charity concert of the same name in conjunction with Folk On The Pier on May 10th, 2018 at The Pavilion Theatre, Cromer.

The charity that it is all in aid of is The Rees Care Leavers Foundation which is a great charity that you can read all about by clicking here. The CD and the concert feature Richard Digance and Eric Sedge as well as a whole list of other incredible acts. If you would like tickets for this event or to find out more about it, then please click here.

The name Kinder Shores was taken from some song lyrics from one of Eric’s songs from his new album called “She’s The One” which is a beautiful song all about his daughter.

Actually, I have met a lot of interesting people today here in Great Yarmouth, I so enjoy getting to talk to so many people and hearing their stories, I find it all so fascinating!

I did make a complete idiot of myself though, we were walking through Great Yarmouth on our way to get some food and I spotted a woman sitting on some steps clutching a cup of tea looking positively frozen and I asked her if she was okay, whether she was homeless and if she would like some food… turns out she was just sitting down enjoying her cup of tea and having a bit of a sit down… I felt SO embarrassed, she looked so cold and sad though. If by some miracle the lady ever reads this post, then I just want to say once again that I’m so sorry for mistaking you for a homeless person!

Eric’s song She’s The One that inspired the name Kinder Shores isn’t currently available on YouTube but here is another one of Eric’s new songs from his latest album which is available to purchase via his website, this song is called Pleased To Meet You.

If you would like to see Richard and Eric on tour you can find a full list of dates and booking information here!

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