The Wildest – Louis Prima

Here is an excerpt of the script from the second episode of Proper Charlie Podcast. This excerpt comes from Notes on Notes, a look back over my weekly musical journey.

The Wildest by Louis Prima

Here I am, back again to take you on another trip through my musical journey from the last seven days. The first album I want to chat about today is The Wildest by Louis Prima, this is an album that almost caused me a great deal of embarrassment this week when, whilst on my flight to Paris, I began involuntarily dancing in my seat whilst listening to this delightfully joyous and infectiously happy album!

The grumpy old man I was sat next to wasn’t all that impressed as he tutted loudly at my dancing and smiling, but I’m sure had I perhaps offered him one of my headphones so that he could listen along with me he would’ve been dancing and smiling just as much as I was! It’s just that sort of an album, you can’t help but enjoy the experience of it.

The Wildest is the tenth studio album by Louis Prima released in 1956 on Capitol. I first heard about Louis Prima when as a little girl my Grandfather played me this very album. I remember laughing so much as we danced around and around letting the whole album engulf us in a cacophony of rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and blues.

For those of you that don’t know, Louis Prima was an American Singer, Songwriter, Bandleader and Trumpeter from the 1930s right up until his death due to a brain tumour in 1975. He is somebody I grew up listening to with my Grandfather being a huge fan of Louis Prima and so his music fills me with such a wonderful nostalgic warmth as it floods me with many happy memories.

Back to The Wildest, I have two favourite tracks on this album, the first is ‘Jump, Jive and Wail’ the lyrics don’t make all that much sense, unless you’re dancing to the song and then all of a sudden they seem to.

‘A woman is a woman and a man ain’t nothin’ but a male

One good thing about him

He knows how to jive and wail’

See what I mean? but it’s such a fun, lively, energetic and infectiously cheerful song, it doesn’t really matter. When I hear Jump, Jive and Wail I imagine I’m back in a nightclub in the 1950s having the time of my life dancing to it! I suppose that is the case with most of this album really.

Before I tell you about my second favourite track on this album I want to give an honourable mention to ‘Buona Sera’ a Louis Prima song that has been covered by, well, almost everybody that was in the industry at the same time as Prima but probably most notably by Dean Martin. This is the original of that classic song and it’s absolutely fantastic, without a doubt my favourite version of this song.

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