Love At The Hay Wain, Flatford Mill.

Written 06/02/2018

As I write this I once again find myself staring out over miles and miles of spectacular undisturbed countryside, today however the magnificent beauty I am looking out at is in Suffolk, yes, I have left the rolling hills of Wiltshire far behind me, for now at least.

On the drive up to Suffolk we stopped at Flatford Mill and I was for the first time able to marvel at the spectacle that is the Hay Wain, of course made famous by the incredible John Constable.

How truly awe inspiring to stand exactly where Constable once stood, to walk the paths that he himself would have walked, to breathe in the landscape that gave life to so many of his paintings, I feel incredibly blessed to have been there even for a moment, to just stand and take it all in.

I feel equally blessed to be sitting now in the serene silence of the Suffolk countryside watching the sun set on another wonderful day. I am here for a few days to spend some time lost in the inspiring landscape touring with Richard and Eric, writing and just being ever present in the magical moment that is life.

I can’t stop thinking about how incredible it was to be at Flatford Mill, being able to stand in a place that not only inspired some of the greatest art to have ever existed but that has also inspired so many people since then as well with its relatively unchanged, romantically decaying landscape.


Today was made even better by the fact that I was able to share this experience and walk around the stunningly inspiring special area that is loved by so many people with the one person I love the most who inspires me daily.   

The sun is really starting to dip now and I’m losing my light, especially as there are some rather gloomy snow clouds making their way across the horizon.

Tonight, Richard and Eric are playing at Wenhaston Village Hall near to where we currently are and so fortunately, if it does snow heavy we don’t have too far to travel.

Who knows maybe I’ll build a snowman tomorrow if it comes down heavy over night, I haven’t done that since I was a kid so, I think it’s time to do it again…although rumour has it Snowmen Only Live Until The Sun Comes Out.

For a full list of Richard Digance and Eric Sedge’s tour dates then please click here and who knows, maybe I’ll see you at one of the shows!



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