Made, Sealed, Guarded – Poem

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Hello Everyone!

This post is the latest post of my new poetry series that still doesn’t have a name. It is a series in which I will be sharing poetry from my archives that I have never shared before.

I have had a lot of fun reading through them all and reminiscing and I thought that it might be fun to share them and reminisce with you all!

Today the poem I want to share is called “Made, Sealed, Guarded.”

Promises and memories built to last forever 
From times long gone when we were together 
A woman of my word you can guarantee 
I’ll keep the promise that’s between you and me 
Made in my head 
Sealed by my hand 
Guarded by my heart 
From this day until my life does end 
On my word you can depend.

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I wrote this poem in 2011, it’s about a promise that I reaffirmed whilst visiting the grave of somebody I cared about a lot. It was a promise I had made several times whilst the person was alive but I felt compelled to reiterate and reaffirm it at the grave side because I knew I wouldn’t be able to visit the grave very often and indeed I haven’t been back since 2011, but to this day I have kept the promise.

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