Malcolm Young Has Dementia! – My Thoughts.

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve actually wanted to write about for a while now but I didn’t really know how to approach it.

AC/DC’s guitarist Malcolm Young has Dementia.

It actually took me a while to process the news when I first heard it. Dementia isn’t a new thing for me, I’ve been saying the long goodbye to my Grandad for 5 years now, but for some reason hearing that somebody like Malcolm Young has the wretched disease shocked me.

I guess it’s a reminder that it can happen to any of us and that’s why it’s important to raise awareness and find a cure or at least a better treatment to manage the disease because one day it could happen to us.

I’ve been an AC/DC fan for as long as I can remember and I really am shocked and saddened by the news.

I watched an interview with Brian Johnson (AC/DC lead singer) & Angus Young (AC/DC lead guitarist & Malcolm’s brother) in which they said that he (Malcolm) had to rehearse songs he’s been playing for over 30 years every day before shows on the Black Ice Tour (the last AC/DC tour he took part in) and it’s all just so sad. The band are continuing without Malcolm but with his blessing, they released another stellar album at the end of last year and are currently on tour.

I’m so glad that I got to see AC/DC with Malcolm at Download Festival in 2010, its bad enough that I stood no chance of ever seeing them with Bon Scott but to have not seen them with Malcolm really would’ve been terrible.

I know that Malcolm Young isn’t the first star to develop Dementia and I know he won’t be the last but he’s the first person who I’m a huge fan of to develop it.

Like I said it just reminds me that it can happen to anybody. I’m a little bit disappointed that AC/DC aren’t doing more to raise awareness of the disease because they’re the world’s biggest rock band they have a very loud voice that they could quite easily use to raise some more awareness. I mean I’d love to see them make raising awareness ‘rock n roll’ so that more people would get involved.

But I’m guessing they have their own reasons for not doing so and that’s entirely fine.

I’ll continue to raise awareness on behalf of my Grandad with the reinforced view that it really can happen to anyone, Rock God or not.

My thoughts go out to the Young family and the AC/DC family as well I remember how difficult it is coming to terms with the fact that someone you love dearly is slowly forgetting everything that was once so important to them. I can still feel the pain of the first time my Grandad didn’t know who I was anymore 5 years later. The long goodbye really is so very long and painful for everybody but I hope that Malcolm is as well as can be and that the rest of his family and the AC/DC family are staying strong.

I want to start doing more on my blog now that I’m a full time blogger to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s / Dementia so if you have any suggestions of the sort of stuff you’d like to see me do to raise awareness please tell me in the comments below, on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm or on any of my other social media sites which you can find by clicking here.

If you or someone you love is affected by dementia and you’re struggling, just know that you’re not alone and if you ever need anybody to talk to you can always email me @ I’m not a trained professional but I can tell you about my personal experiences and hopefully make you feel like you’re not alone.

Thanks for reading.

Charlotte xo 

This is the interview I referenced above: