My Dream House

I love the start of the month, it is always such an exciting time for me. It’s the time of the month when I check in with my goals from the previous month, quarter, year and for my life in general and see how I’m doing, I then amend my goals based on what I’ve achieved and the areas that need more work. Sitting down with my notebooks and seeing everything that I have achieved is such a great feeling.

When you’re caught up in the daily chaos of projects, meetings and everything else that comes with running a business it can be easy to lose sight of how much you’ve actually achieved which is why as I said at the start of every month I make a point of sitting down and going through everything.

I’ve never really talked about my goals on my blog before because I’ve always been afraid of what other people would think of them which is completely ridiculous because why should it even matter what anyone else thinks? They’re my goals.

I’m not suddenly going to start spamming you all with my goals and things, but I wanted to write about one of them today because there is a big goal on my list that keeps making me smile from ear to ear and it fills me with such a happy warm fuzzy feeling every time I think about it.

I’ve mentioned recently on my blog that I’m house hunting, it’s a long process but I’m trying to find the perfect place, our ‘forever home’ as I’ve often heard it referred to as.

I have this vision in my head of what the home will be like and every time I think about it I can’t help but grin from ear to ear. It’ll be in the dream location somewhere in the Wiltshire countryside, a beautiful 5 bedroom house with a massive kitchen and dining area perfect for family dinners and dinner parties, I love dinner parties so having a space big enough to throw them is important. I want it to be a place that family and friends visit regularly, I want to fill the house with all the lovely things that fill life daily, music, art and all other forms of creativity.

I want it to have a lovely garden, the perfect blend of cultivated and wild, I want there to be a vegetable patch and flower beds full of bright colourful flowers but also lots of trees, wild plants and bushes. There’ll be a swimming pool in the garden too, and a hot tub and a big patio area that is perfect for barbecues.

I’ve seen quite a few houses that come close to what I’m imagining the dream house to be like but they haven’t quite been right so the hunt continues. I just wanted to share this today because I was looking at my dream board and my goals and realising how close I actually am to achieving some of the bigger things on my list and it filled me with happiness and I wanted to share that with you all too.

It’ll be really nice if within the next year I can write and say ‘hey guys, remember the dream house I told you all about well… *waves keys*!

Never stop dreaming.

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