My Grandad’s 80th Birthday..


On the 5th December 2014 my Grandad turned 80, as you all know he has Alzheimer’s so he had no idea that it was his special day but I wanted to put a special post up to mark the occasion because I love my Grandad. 🙂

We marked his day with a little party with close family and a little bit of a sing-a-long in the nursing home, for the most part Grandad had a really lovely day.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite memories of my Grandad because like I said I want to do something on the blog to mark his birthday.

Growing up I used to spend loads of time with him and my Grandmother. I remember in the school holidays I used to go for a walk with my Grandad every day, we’d go and get the papers and just have a walk around the local area! Where I grew up has a lot of green places to go walking, big fields, woodland areas, parks etc so when I say walking around the local area I don’t just mean up and down roads.

He was a really funny man and my memories of those walks involve an awful lot of laughing!

I had a micro scooter too as a kid, and sometimes I took it when we went for walks and if I got tired Grandad used to let me stand on it and he’d pull me along.

I think my everlasting memory of my Grandad though will be him working in his shed, he was a carpenter by trade and he had a proper brick shed in the garden that he’d do carpentry in, whenever I went round he’d be in there working away! He’s built some pretty incredible things over the years! If I can find some pictures I’ll post them.

He used to let me help him in his shed sometimes, I’d get to paint things and I had my own little work bench that he used to let me ‘work’ on, he’d give me little pieces of wood and nails and let me hammer them in and build my own stuff. I’m not all that artistic with wood and I was only a kid so it was never anything great that I made but I loved hanging out with him in that shed!

I just remember so much laughing and happiness when I think of him and my childhood and even in my teenage years, I honestly had the best childhood and my Grandad was a huge part of that.

I really hate that he has Alzheimer’s because my little sisters who live in France never really got to know the Grandad that I knew, all they know is Alzheimer’s. I wish they could’ve known him like I did, like I do.

It’s those memories and more that I have that keep me strong now when I see him, because although he’s now a mere shadow of his former self I know that he’s still my Grandad.

As stupid as it sounds I’m sad that my children will never know him, if he’s around when I eventually have kids he won’t know who they are but I’m telling you now I’ll make damn sure that they know exactly who he is and how amazing he was in his day.

There’s so much that I know my Grandad is going to miss out on in my life and in the lives of my little sisters because of Alzheimer’s and it crushes me but I have my lovely memories and that’s what this post was about!

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Thanks for reading this post!

Charlotte xo

Note: I had to end this post pretty quickly because I got a bit emotional thinking about all of the memories.. Sorry! xo