My Plan For My Blog In 2015..

I mentioned in my post about my plan for 2015 (which you can read here) that I want to work harder on my blog this year so I thought I’d just do a post sort of elaborating on that and telling you a bit about my plans for my blog in 2015.

I’ve just been drifting with my blog for the last few years and that’s completely ridiculous, I’m lucky enough to have so many of you read my blog each week you deserve so much more than drifting or to rephrase that if all I’m going to do is drift then I don’t deserve you guys at all. I’ve been doing this for nearly 8 years, it’s a massive part of my life and it’s time I started treating it as such.

I’ve never really had a posting schedule before or any sort of organisation at all for my blog but over the last month or so I’ve been changing that, I got myself a whiteboard which I’ve been using to plan what posts I’m going to write and when I’m going to publish, I’ve also been writing down my post ideas too because in the past if I couldn’t think of anything one day I wouldn’t post but then if I had 3 or 4 ideas the next day they’d all go up that day. Now I’m writing all of my ideas down and planning more so that I can upload one post every day.

I have a schedule too that I’ve made and I’m actually going to be uploading posts based on the same sort of subjects every week which is a new thing for me! To give you a brief overview of what the schedule will be like here’s a rough version.

Monday: Music Mondays

Tuesday: Minecraft / Tekkit related posts

Wednesday: Opinion Posts

Thursday: Word Vomit

Friday: Healthy Lifestyle / Fitness related posts

Saturday: ABGT150 Countdown posts + word vomit.

Sunday: Weekly round up.

But before I start a new sort of topic / post type or whatever I’ll upload a separate post telling you about it, that really was just a brief list to give you an idea of what I’ll be doing!

I’m excited for 2015, I’m excited to be getting organised and I’m just excited for so much that I have coming up on my blog!

I welcome your feedback so if you do have any thoughts on any of this, or anything you’d like to see on the blog then please let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm

Thank you so much for reading!

Charlotte xo