Nancy Sinatra – Greatest Hits – Music Monday #11


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The album that I’ve picked at random this week is S12 – Nancy Sinatra – Greatest Hits!


This is the sort of album that I put on when I just need a little extra sass in my day!

This album was released in 1988 and features 18 of her greatest hits!


If you couldn’t tell by the name, Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Nancy began her career in the early 1960’s as a singer and actress. In my opinion Nancy Sinatra has only had the success that’s she had in life because of who her father was, I feel that if he had been just a regular John Doe nobody would’ve taken half as much notice of Nancy.

She made her professional debut on Frank Sinatra’s TV show “The Frank Sinatra Timex Show – Welcome Home Elvis” a TV show celebrating the return of Elvis from Europe after he was discharged from the US Army. Her first record deal was also with her Dad’s record label Reprise Records.

Her first single Cuff Links And A Tie Clip went completely unnoticed and in 1965 she was almost dropped by her Dad’s record label because the only chart success she’d had was in Europe and Japan. It wasn’t until song writer, singer and producer Lee Hazlewood was drafted in to help Nancy that she began to have any real success.

Lee Hazlewood gave her a complete image overhaul and also wrote the majority of Nancy Sinatra’s hit songs including The Boots Are Made For Walkin’ and Sugar Town.

Nancy also starred in various films throughout the 60’s all of which in my opinion need to be left in the 60’s they were typical films for the masses and in my opinion are all just terrible. The last film she starred in was Speedway in which she appeared alongside Elvis Presley which although I’m jealous of the fact she got to act alongside Elvis (if you can really call it acting…) I think singing is definitely what Nancy does best.

According to various sources on the internet Nancy Sinatra is the only singer to ever have a solo song on an Elvis album or soundtrack. That’s quite an accolade in my eyes!

Although it sounds like I’m slating Nancy a bit in everything I’ve said above I do really like this album, like I said, it’s something I put on when my day just needs that extra bit of sassiness!

Here’s the track list:

Side One:

  • Somethin’ Stupid – Duet with Frank Sinatra
  • Summer Wine – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Sundown, Sundown – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • I’ve Been Down So Long – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Storybook Children – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Sand – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Oh, Lonesome Me – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Lady Bird – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Side Two:

  •  Jackson – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Sugar Town
  • You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Some Velvet Morning – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Did You Ever – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Elusive Dreams – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • Greenwich Village Folk Song Man – Duet With Lee Hazlewood
  • So Long, Babe
  • How Does That Grab You, Darlin’

(There’s too many apostrophes in that list, I guess at one point it was cool to take the letter g off pretty much every word?!)


As much as I love the song Somethin’ Stupid I never quite got the Father / Daughter duet on that one, I mean “And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I Love You.” What’s stupid about telling your Dad / Daughter that you love them? I know I’m reading too much into it but that has genuinely always confused me.

Regardless that is one of my favourite tracks on this album along with Sugar Town, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, Greenwich Village Folk Song Man and Storybook Children.

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I’d also love to know what you think of Nancy Sinatra’s success, would she have done as well if her daddy wasn’t Ol’ Blue Eyes? Let me know!

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Charlotte xo