NEW Boom Jinx Single! – Bring Me Back Around feat Meredith Call!


Today instead of a traditional Music Monday post I wanted to talk about the amazing new single “Bring Me Back Around” by Boom Jinx feat Meredith Call!

If you don’t know, Boom Jinx is a Norwegian DJ who makes sublime dance music.

Away from the dance music Boom Jinx, real name  Øistein Johan Eide has had a highly successful career making soundtracks for films, TVs and even video games, amongst the list of soundtracks that he’s worked on are EA’s Need for Speed and FIFA and CBS’ hit shows CSI: Miami and CSI: Las Vegas!

Anyway, Boom Jinx makes incredible songs, he’s had a string of hits including The Dark, When You Loved Me and Phoenix From The Flames!

His highly anticipated new album No Answers In Luck is due to be released on Anjunabeats later this year and on Friday 11th September 2015 he dropped a beautiful single from the album called Bring Me Back Around!

I’m no expert in music so I’m not going to do this beautiful track an injustice by attempting a ‘thorough’ review, I can tell you though that it’s amazing, Meredith Call’s vocals are so fantastic they gave me chills and I just can’t wait to hear it live!

Here’s the YouTube video for the song:


If you like it please head over to Beatport and purchase the track, it’s currently number 8 the Top 10 Trance Tracks let’s see if we can get it to Number 1!  🙂 – Click here to be redirected to the Beatport Page.

If you don’t want to purchase from Beatport the song is also available on iTunes! 🙂 Click here to be redirected to the iTunes page!

Can I just point out before the trolls start that I haven’t been paid to say any of this, I just loved the track and wanted to give it a bit of promo!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Boom Jinx last year if you’d like to read that then please click here!

If you’d like to then you can follow Boom Jinx on Twitter @BoomJinx or like his facebook page

That’s all I have to say really, congratulations Boom Jinx the new single in brilliant and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

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Charlotte xo