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This post is the fourth post in my new series all about the NOW! That’s What I Call Music! Albums.

This series is based on a book that my Dad bought me called NOW! That’s What I Call Music book! It’s a book that talks about every NOW! Album from the first on 28th November 1983 to NOW! 91 which was released on 27th July 2015.

This isn’t a sponsored series but I’ve found the book on Amazon and I’ll put a link to that at the bottom of the post in case you want to buy the book and read along with me!

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In this post, I’m going to be talking about the fourth edition of the NOW! That’s What I Call Music Albums the album entitled NOW! That’s What I Call Music 4 or NOW 4!

NOW! That’s What I Call Music! Have a Spotify page and on that page, they’ve compiled playlists of the NOW! albums I’m not sure why the NOW! albums aren’t available on Spotify like other compilations are, my guess is copyright / licensing issues, but there’s a playlist for each album so it really isn’t a problem normally… Today however either Spotify is broken or NOW That’s What I Call Music have gone on a deleting spree because the earliest playlist I can find is NOW 9… I’ll update this post when I find the playlist or make one of my own…

Anyway let’s press on with the post…

NOW 4! was released on 26th November 1984 and was the only NOW! album not to reach Number One in the album charts.

Despite not reaching number one on the charts, in terms of album sales it did better than one of its predecessors NOW! That’s What I Call Music 2! which did reach number one.

NOW! That’s What I Call Music 2! was released in March 1984 and reached number one, NOW! That’s What I Call Music 4! was released in November 1984, didn’t reach number one but by the end of the year had sold more copies than NOW! That’s What I Call Music 2!

Anyway, back to NOW 4… this was the first NOW! Album to be released on CD although the CD was only a single CD consisting of just 15 tracks compared to the LP and cassette that were released that both contained 32 tracks!

Let’s look at the track list that sold so well!

Record 1 Side 1:

  1. No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney
  2. Together In Electric Dreams – Phillip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
  3. Why? Bronski Beat
  4. The Never-Ending Story – Limahl
  5. Warning Sign – Nick Heyward
  6. Missing You – John Waite
  7. Farewell My Summer Love – Michael Jackson
  8. Hello – Lionel Richie

Record 1 Side 2:

  1. The War Song – Culture Club
  2. Passengers – Elton John
  3. Too Late For Goodbyes – Julian Lennon
  4. Shout To The Top – The Style Council
  5. Doctor! Doctor! – Thompson Twins
  6. Sunset Now – Heaven 17
  7. Respect Yourself – The Kane Gang
  8. Private Dancer – Tina Turner
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Record 2 Side 1:

  1. It’s A Hard Life – Queen
  2. The Wanderer – Status Quo
  3. East Of Eden – Big Country
  4. Pride (In The Name Of Love) – U2
  5. Listen To Your Father – Feargal Sharkey
  6. Tesla Girls – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  7. The Second Time – Kim Wilde
  8. Human Racing – Nik Kershaw

Record 2 Side 2:

  1. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr
  2. If It Happens Again – UB40
  3. Jump For My Love – The Pointer Sisters
  4. Hot Water – Level 42
  5. Sex Crime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) – Eurythmics
  6. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
  7. Madam Butterfly (Un Bel Di Vedremo) Malcolm McLaren
  8. Gotta Get You Home Tonight – Eugene Wilde

This album sees the first appearance of Isle Of Wight jazz group Level 42, according to this book they appear once a year from 1984 – 1989! Keep your eyes on this series to see if you can spot their next appearances!

Here’s a fun fact that I just learnt from this book, Mark King the lead singer and bassist from Level 42 insured his thumb at the request of his record label for £3 MILLION! That’s one expensive thumb…

Julian Lennon the son of legendary John Lennon makes his first appearance on the NOW! albums on NOW! That’s What I Call Music 4 too, did you know that Julian Lennon appears twice within the NOW! series before his Dad even makes an appearance?! Considering his Dad was John Lennon it’s really impressive that he beat him like that!

This album is also the first of 19 (so far) appearances for a little Irish band that have sold well over 170 million albums worldwide, U2!

Whilst I think nineteen appearances on the NOW albums is impressive it only puts U2 third in line for the title of ‘Group With Most Appearances’ so… you’ll have to look out for the bands holding the 2nd and 1st places as we move through the rest of this series!

Now all that’s left to tell you is what my favourite tracks from NOW 4 are!

Record 1 Side 1: Together In Electric Dreams – Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

Record 1 Side 2: Passengers – Elton John

Record 2 Side 1: It’s A Hard Life – Queen

Record 2 Side 2: Jump (For My Love) The Pointer Sisters

That’s it for this edition of my NOW! That’s What I Call Music series, if you’d like to read other posts from this series then please click here!

This series isn’t in anyway sponsored by the NOW! That’s What I Call Music franchise or any of its associates, I just want to share my love of the NOW! Albums and look back at an integral part of the history of modern music!

If you’d like to buy the book so that you can read it with me then here’s a link to where you can purchase the book on Amazon, I’m also not sponsored by Amazon nor is this in any way an affiliate link, I’ve just chosen to share the Amazon link because I know that Amazon is Worldwide and you, my readers, come from all over the world.

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