The One When My Momma Don’t Like You…

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Hello Everyone!

Final announcement for today!

If you’ve missed my other two, the first one was announcing that I’m going to be interviewing Richard Digance and The Broadside Boys (click here to read the full post) and the second was announcing a new poetry collection called K read the full post about that by clicking here!

In this post, I want to announce that my momma don’t like you… and she likes everyone…

I can’t get that song out of my head, it’s driving me insane.

Okay more insane, but still.

That’s not my actual announcement though, well, it’s not even an announcement that I need to make it’s more of an update… / something I should have told you about a few weeks ago, and didn’t because it completely slipped my mind to do so and now I have Justin Bieber on repeat in my mind as some kind of punishment for it.

You may notice currently and over the coming weeks that parts of my blog disappear, change and reappear in new places… My blog’s tenth anniversary / birthday is fast approaching and I’m hoping by the time it rolls around I will have created a proper archive system on my blog that houses not only my WordPress archives that start from 2013, but all of the Blogger archives that date right back to 2007 too!

Because I’m doing this, things are moving and changing, it’s not affecting the new posts too much but if you go any further back than January then you may notice things aren’t as they should be!

This is only a temporary thing and it will be worth it in the end because all of my ten years’ worth of posts will have a home and you’ll be able to read them all whenever you like!

I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you all, I know that it has been confusing some of you but I hope that this clears it up and if it doesn’t well… hang in there, it’ll be okay!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Take care,

Charlotte xo